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  1. I’m pretty close to dropping this book.

  2. I left this book and went to Mighty with Slott.

    I like Gage 

    If I hear good things about it, I’ll pick it up in hardcover.

  3. I’m really curious to see where this book is heading.  I’ve been a fan of this title since issue #1, but the idea behind it is superflous now.  Even the idea of the Shadow Initiative has been replaced by the new Thunderbolts. 

  4. dude, the art sucks. but the story looks like fun and I’ve always followed so…

  5. That is one butt-ugly cover.

  6. yeah ugly cover. should i pick this up i started last issue

  7. Bring on the thunder and Pain

  8. Hideous cover. If this book doesn’t handle the post-invasion transition well i’ll be dropping it.

  9. this book has been good from the start.  i am not ready to drop this anytime soon.

  10. wow only two years and the clone robot is back. thor girls taking him out this time

  11. LOVE the cover!

  12. Ramos’s art in this title is miles beyond his work in Runaways, which is inexcusable.

    Seems people are rating this issue rather low, but I liked it. 4/5

  13. Best issue in quite a while. I agree that Ramos’s art is at its peak here.

  14. Meh, one more issue to prove itself.

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