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  1. Its been a good ride, but I am dropping this book after this issue.  Just have to cut back now.  Especially with Caselli leaving, I’m following that guy to Secret Warriors 🙂

  2. i will pick up the issue after this but if it doesn’t wow me or bring it back to basics i’m dropping too


  3. I’ll probably stick with it till then end, I mean, this is probably ending at 25, max 30. I mean, the Initiative doesn’t even exist anymore! I sad though, with Casselli leaving. Secret Warriors is going to be great, definitely.

  4. This title sells relatively well. I also think it has been a great run so far.

    I thought Osborne was put in charge of the Intiative.

    I will probably move to hardcover on this series and start picking up Mighty or Secret Warriors instead.

  5. man, i hope this book stays around . even if the title gets cancelled, i hope the "50-state Initiative"  continues on. the premise of a different set of really obscure super heroes patrolling each state really tickles me for some reason.

  6. Marvel hasn’t shown any indication that they will cancel this any time soon.  Gage did an interview with someone, maybe newsarama or cbr, where he talked about future plans for the book.  Might go through a name change, but still be around for a while.

  7. Yeah, Gage was talking as far as a year into the future… I definitely think they have no plans to cancel this.

  8. oh then. I’m happy either way. I like this book. kinda for the same reasons JesseG mentionned.

  9. I wish we could skip this issue, though. I’m more interested in the plotlines addressed in the issue after this like Mutant Zero. I’d like to put SI behind me…

  10. I read this first so I could read my last Secret Invasion tie in and put it behind be. Can’t wait for the next issue though. Wanna see what Gage has in store.

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