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  1. Taskmaster vs. assorted bad guys with new cannon fodder heroes thrown in?  I’m in love.

  2. I’m sure this will be another awesome issue, but I can’t get behind that Steve Uy art. 

    This is why this book is so great and underappreciated. An underused character like Dusk can be brought back into the spotlight in a main Marvel title. I love it.

  3. I agree, I think the art took a real step down when Caselli left but the name "Dan Slott" makes up for it.

  4. My choice for pick of the week. I really loved this book. It had great humor, a good story, and it was fun. I think Gage gets the concept and has done a great job with this issue. I agree the art is ok, but I loved the story. Two thumbs up here. Good jumping in point for new readers.

  5. Liked the fat kid.  Wish this book as a whole was going somewhere.  Still waiting to know who Mutant X is!?

  6. Taskmaster and Constrictor have hearts of gold…who knew?

  7. this issue was great, i agree with BetaRayRyan.  i did not see that ending coming.

  8. How new-reader-friendly is this issue?

  9. It’s extremely new-reader friendly.  It’s a one and done issue.  Focuses on new recruits and their initial experiences at Camp Hammond.  Unfortunately, the best new character’s not sticking around. 

  10. I like this book, but I dropped it wHen I saw they were staying with the new artist. Not that it’s bad, but, I can use that $3 bucks somewhere I figure. Should i have stuck with it?

  11. I don’t know what it’s going to take to get this book the respect it deserves..

    This book made me wanna cry. Not usually what I go for. Glad I did. Emery’ll show up again somehwere, of that I’m sure. 

  12. The best issue of Avengers Initiative yet.  Maybe even the best book I’ve read so far this week.

  13. Actually, strike that.  This IS the best book I’ve read so far this week.  And I want more Butterball.

  14. The best thing I read all week.  I was a little uncertain whether this book would still be the consistently awesome read it has been now that Dan Slott has moved on, but this was my favorite issue yet actually in what was already one of my favorite series.  Butterball is truly a memorable character, funny and endearing.  The character of MVP continued to resonate throughout the first year, and I’d love to see them bring Butterball back too.

  15. They really took the fat kids character from Rising Stars.

  16. @ohcaroline, this book straight up doesnt matter.  and its not that good.  unless you need a fix of new characters or old forgotten characters like the taskmaster, you’ll probably just end up dropping it in a couple issues.

  17. Brilliant issue.  I know I’m in the minority but comics need more one and done stories.  Not everything needs to be a 28 issue saga.  Heck, I’ll take this story over many of the events going on today!  If the writer planned this to be the only issue in which we see Emery, I’m sure that will change when they see how much everybody loved this sharacter.

     I’m not sure what the guy above means by this saying this book doesn’t matter.  It was a smart and entertaining story, and those are the only things that should matter.

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