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Amidst the ashes of what is left of the Marvel Universe and, during the bombastic battles throughout New York, a new Avengers romance blossoms.

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by John Romita Jr.
Cover by Alan Davis

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Avg Rating: 3.3
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  1. Super-Soldier Steve Rogers?!?! Right on! Is that Anita Hill in the background?

  2. Oh, JRJR. How I shall miss you when you leave this book…

  3. Really contemplating dropping this title if it doesnt get better in the next couple of issues… like did i just jump on at a bad time to be honest ive only read like the last 3 issues of this. In my opinion New Avengers has been the better title out of the 2

    • I’d say it would probably be the worst time to jump on. Maybe go back and check out the pre-FI issues or hold off until the first post-FI arc starts

  4. Fear Itself has gotten me to drop both Avengers titles. I’m so tired of talking heads and hammers.

  5. If only they would dump Romita, Jr. I would give this book a read. But his art is an eyesore!

  6. I really disliked this issue because of these 3 problems

    1. Romita’s art
    I like romita but never have liked his style on this type of book

    2. Talking heads
    Please bendis I love you and this was cool once but now it’s just getting old FAST. I seriously have to fight myself not to skip the page immediately when I see talking heads.

    It’s bad, in fact it’s sooo bad it’s bleeding into the rest of my marvel comics and making them bad like an infectious disease.

  7. See, this is how I know that I’m a crazy person. Everyone complains about the interview segments in Avengers, and I can’t get enough of it. Everyone was super mad when the books relaunched with the Oral History in the back, and that was my favorite part of every issue! Something about these larger than life characters discussing their crazy-ass adventures like real people just hooks me in.

    That said, I’m super looking forward to this issue, considering people are already complaining about that! Also, wonder if they’re ever gonna collect the Avengers Oral History into an actual book. Fingers crossed?

    • This book will definitely be up your alley then. I actually thought the first time the talking segments were used that they were awesome but now IMO they are just way overused and sucks me completely out of the story. Also you might be the only person I’ve ever heard of that enjoyed the oral history lol. To each their own I guess.

    • Yeah, I’m a weirdo. Honestly, it could be 10 pages of interviews, 12 pages of text and I’d be a pig in shit.

    • me too sir, i love the interviews, i want the oral history on audio book read by the actors from the movies

  8. I’d love to see a timeline on this whole Fear Itself monstrosity. Where does this little side jaunt of Cap’s – that leads to absolutely nothing – fit in? Did the Red Skull go to Washington, kill Bucky, disappear for a long enough that Steve could be convinced she went and hid in a castle, and then come back to America to fight Cap, also back in America, when he finally decided to put his uniform on? Is that what I’m supposed to get out of this and the last two issues of Fear Itself?

    And the talking heads must stop. Show – don’t tell. And showing talking heads telling doesn’t count as showing. Although Lord knows I don’t envy Bendis having to tie-in all his books to this garbage. I thought Secret Invasion was an event low-point. This makes it look like high art.

  9. Just got a tweet back from bendis and he said he was going to stop the talking head segments after fear itself.

  10. I enjoyed this issue quite a bit. Nice to see some character moments for Steve as he deals with Bucky’s death exactly like he would; by doing his damn job. Anothe fine bit of work from JRJR, as well.

  11. Yeah, I really didnt get the timeline of this book, I was sure Sin was in the thick of it at New York, and isnt Fear Itself happening over a short period of time, why was she hiding in a castle? When did that happen? What did any of that issue mean? Did it have a point?

    Although I dont mind the talking heads, I sorta wondering when thats taking place to, and its a trick thats being dragged on to long, it was for one issue, maybe two, buuut its just getting old now, glad its over after Fear Itself.

  12. So have we seen what the interview context is? I mean so far we get these talking heads, but have they explained in other books if this is a TV show or Movie or who the interviewer is? Kinda curious as they seem to being interviewed in a void.

    Thought this issue was pretty ok.

  13. was it me or were the bad guys always running towards them but never catching up (and always staying grouped together looking exactly the same), like some cheesy old horror movie?

  14. This was the worst issue of Avengers since the relaunch IMHO. Except for Stve grieving a little, a complete waste of paper.

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