IT’S THE AVENGERS VERSUS THE X-MEN – with the Young Avengers and X-Factor caught in the crossfire — as all four teams battle to determine who will hold the Scarlet Witch responsible for her crimes.

Plus, when the origin of the Scarlet Witch’s godlike powers – and the secret history of her murderous rampage in “Avengers: Disassembled” — are finally revealed, the truth creates a rift among the members of the Young Avengers that the team may not survive.

Story by Allan Heinberg
Art by Jim Cheung & Mark Morales
Cover by Jim Cheung

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  1. Oh. Mans. I have really been enjoying the New 52, but Marvel’s bringin’ it like a mother this week. Between this, Daredevil and Cap? It’s the artist hat trick of doom!

  2. So far this story has been exactly what I wanted: A true return of Scarlet Witch to regular Marvel continuity with gorgeous art. Hopefully most of this story sticks. It makes a nice bookend to the whole Avengers Disassembled storyline. Not everything back to how it was, which would not be good, but a changed Witch that not everyone trusts and mutants dealing with the fact they can get their powers back one by one? That would make me happy.

  3. after years of Jim Cheung only on covers, this semi-regular fix of his interiors has been pretty spectacular

  4. This book has been so good. It’s a shame how little attention it gets.

  5. A potential milestone in the making. Like JimBilly4 said, I consider this to be the bookend to Disassembled/House of M. I also agree about the Jim Cheung art: a rare treat. Bought!

  6. This book could come out once a year and honestly, I’d be okay. The last issue ws so pretty it’s not even funny. The story has been great too, considering i haven’t read House of M and the such. Really easy to follow.

  7. Beautiful artwork, and the story has been solid to date. I have a terrible feeling though that all of the progress of the past couple of issues will be undone before the series ends. Still, it deserves a higher pull than what it’s getting.

  8. I can’t wait for this. This is book truly feels like it should be THE Event book of Marvel instead of Fear Itself.

  9. I’m pretty excited there are two issues left. This should end shortly after Schism and Regenesis wrap, right?

  10. I’ve been loving this, i hope cassies dad gets to stay, i think that’d be nice. What would also be nice would be an ongoing young avengers title by these guys, even if it is bi-monthly or even once every three months whatever it was i’d be down.

    • Hell, I’d even be happy with a monthly series by a really good team that can meet a monthly schedule… say, Langridge and Samnee?

    • Yeah definatly would be okay with a monthly by a killer team. These characters are to good to only be dusted off for events and when Heinberg has time to write them and Cheung has time to draw them.

  11. Holy shit! They just Parallaxed the Scarlet Witch! And I’m surprisingly ok with that!

  12. Just give the mutants their damn powers back already.

  13. When this wraps, I may be dropping a bunch of related titles.

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