THE SCARLET WITCH RETURNS WITH A VENGEANCE! With her memory and her powers finally restored, The Scarlet Witch returns to Avengers Mansion for a revealing reunion with Clint Barton and a fiery reckoning with the Avengers that provokes the Beast, Jessica Jones, and the mutant detectives of X-Factor to join the crusade. But will the Scarlet Witch continue the decimation she began in

Story by
Allan Heinberg
Art by
Jim Cheung, Mark Moralez, John Livesay, [more...]
Colors by
Justin Ponsor
Letters by
VC - Cory Petit
Cover by
Jim Cheung, Justin Ponsor

Price: $3.99
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  1. Oh man, I don’t even know if I have #5. I gonna pull my long boxes out.

    Can’t wait for this.

  2. Just re-read 5 the other night and can’t be more excited to read this one. 

  3. Hell to the yes.


    “The Scarlet Witch returns to Avengers Mansion for a REVEALING REUNION with Clint Barton”!


  5. Will Heinberg be allowed to reveal the closet? Can anything in the closet actually come close to justifying the longest running mystery in Marveldom? I predict mild dissapointment soothed by Jim Cheung art.

  6. Was is this closet thing? I missed whatever story that was.

  7. @CaseyJustice  

    Wow. i can’t belive how obvious that was.  that aside, I’ve been enjoying this whole series, and excited to see Wanda back again.

  8. Glad to see this coming out. It’s taking a while, but it’s pretty enough to be worth the wait. Hoping this really causes major changes to the status quo, but that remains to be seen.

  9. The art is great and I love these characters.

  10. @Bryce31 – Back during Civil War there was this super random issue of New Avengers featuring a recently resurrected Hawkeye trying to find the Scarlett Witch, presumably for a little payback. Instead, he finds her amnesiac in her homeland, beds her down real quick (’cause he’s Hawkeye), and then opens up her closet, seeing something that shocks him to his core!


    Just a silly running gag, but it would be super funny if they actually addressed it. They won’t, but it’d be funny.

  11. Huh…I’ll have to check to make sure that I have 5 too.  It seems like it’s been awhile since this has come out.  I know its coming out every other month, so is it just that or is this book late?

  12. @zattaric  I just checked. I have it. I used an online comic book DB and it shows I have it.

    @misterckent  – You’re right. The art and characters are so fun on here. Such a surprise.

  13. OMG! Thank you Heinberg for what you are proposing in this issue! So AWESOME!!!! Must…resist….spoiling

  14. Wait. Wait Wait Wait Wait Wait.

    I flipped through this at the store and saw that X-Factor had a nice looking cameo in it, so I decided to buy it. X-Factor is my long-time favorite series, and I try to get all of the appearances of Madrox and his team.

    I’m not reading this series at the moment, though I read X-Factor quite religiously. So imagine the shock that I had when I flipped to the end of this issue to see that, in a quick scene, Wanda had repowered Rictor.

    Yes, the same Rictor who, for 70+ issues, had his depowerment and his trying to come to terms with being a human in a very super-power filled series be focused on as a MAJOR series plot point. And yes, I can see the parallels since Wanda was responsible for Rictor depowerment, but…

    I mean, this is just weird. A major arc of Rictor has ended here, though it started in X-Factor and was expanded in 70+ issues of X-Factor. Not only that, but X-Factor fans would have NO way of knowing that this major event was happening in the pages of this unrelated book prior to this. This is just like that Sentry Fallen Sun issue where Rogue admitted to sleeping with The Sentry, which was weird for the same reasons.

    I don’t mind this plot development, mind you…just seems odd that out of nowhere and in an unrelated series, Rictor, who is VERY much not a focal character in this series, had a character defining moment here. 

  15. @comicBOOKchris – Much as I love this book (and I DO!), I would be shocked if this had much of an impact on anything non-Avengers. Where Wanda is concerned, any developments have a reset button built right in.

    That said, I really hope that Scott sticks around after this is over. Wanda too, actually. Surprised by how much I’ve missed her.

    This is my POW, by the way, for a million reasons. However, if this book only contained the conversation about Hawkeye sleeping with Wanda, my choice would be the same.

  16. @comicBOOKchris  Remember this story was written a while ago Cap and Iron Man are in the right wrong costumes and Strong Guy (SPOILER!!) seemed to have a soul plus they to this to PAD all the time remember when Wolfsbane left X-factor for X-force. Have faith in Mr. David he will roll with the punches here and we will probably get a good story out of it.

  17. @comicBOOKchris This is all happening in a slightly different timeline (Kang is involved). I doubt anything will stay or else this would be the event of the summer.

  18. I like scarlet witch as a potential mutant messiah better than Hope but I don’t know if this is going to be a lasting effect since it’s not a big event but I sure have enjoyed this way more than the big events of late.

  19. This series will have lasting effects on the Marvel Universe. When the series started, there was an unspoken confirmation that this series was to take place in the near future (after Fear Itself which put Steve back as Captain America). I’m sure that the repurcussions of this series will start to trickle into XFactor, XMen, and the Avengers once Fear itself has completed. After all, this mini won’t end for another 6 months!

  20. @WHATTHEDAST – I think you’re correct. At least, I hope you’re correct. I do think, however, that big changes made to characters like Rictor and, y’know, the entire mutant population outside of their own books might not stick around. As was said, Wanda being involved means that they can do whatever they want and fix the repercussions later with magic.

  21. This was my favorite issue of this series yet.

  22. This series is so good, the art is amazing, it gives you plot reminders without being in your face about it, introduces characters well for those who don’t know them but doesn’t offend those who do.  All round fantastic comic.

  23. It amazes me how heinberg can put so many twists and unexpected surprises and still make the book flow and entertain. This is a comic book, along with ff this week and new mutants last week.

  24. omfg! pick of the year. 

  25. Exactly what I wanted to happen, happened in this book.  I can’t wait to see where the story goes next.

  26. @WHATTHEDAST and CaseyJustice

    I’m with you guys. I’m really hoping that the events of this issue actually DO have an effect on the larger Marvel Universe when this is over.

    So since this book might reveal a few things about the future of the Marvel Universe, does anyone else think we might have gotten our first look at Gillen’s Post-Schism Uncanny X-Men lineup in this issue?

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