Latveria becomes a battle-ground as Magneto battles Doctor Doom — and the Young Avengers take on the Avengers — to determine the ultimate fate of the Scarlet Witch. But the mysterious reappearance of the time-traveling Iron Lad unleashes Wanda’s reality-altering powers upon the timestream itself, changing the game, and the Marvel Universe, forever.

Story by Allan Heinberg
Art by Jim Cheung, Mark Morales
Colors by Justin Ponsor
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Jim Cheung

Price: $3.99
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  1. Waidaminut.  Is that Jack of Hearts on the cover?

  2. Cannot wait for more of this art and story.  It sounds like a wacky solicit, though.  Hope it doesn’t jump the shark with this one!

  3. Really!?!?  Is Scott Lang in there too?

  4. God Young Avengers is just… the best. I pine for this.

  5. Fuck yeah, Jack of Heart! Can’t wait!

  6. as long as they don’t bring out that awful 90’s outfit he had

  7. I’ve been loving this. I cant’ wait to sit down and read this all in one sitting though. 

  8. @zattaric I agree…this has been really good but I need to reread it as I have kind of lost track since it is bi monthly.

  9. “bi-monthly” is fancy talk for “wait for the trade”

  10. Magneto vs Doom? Um….armor of metal….um…metal

  11. Buying this in issues, and it’s lovely, but I probably won’t read it until I have all of it.

  12. Mags vs doom: lies!

  13. @Nightwing1974 – No lies. They wuz fightin’.

  14. I really hope this doesn’t turn in to an AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED IS NOW RETCONNED OUT EVERYONE WINS sort of deal.

  15. I feel like Heinberg loves his characters too much to make them pawns in a story retconning a story he didn’t write.

  16. This was my favorite issue so far. I don’t know, there’s just something awesome about dead decaying exploding Jack of Hearts, and I was a HUGE Scott Lang fan from Johns’ run. Also, this is the first issue where I really felt the stakes.

  17. I hope Scott’s return proves to be permanent. Also, bring Jack of Hearts back. Wanda brought Clint back to life, so why not those two?

  18. So many unverse altering cliffhangers this week!

    It just occured to me that with the recent announcements regarding Steve Rogers/Captain America that by the time the next issue comes out costume will be right again.  Not that its important, just interesting.

  19. Yeah, Geoff Johns run on the Avengers is great. I really loved that issue where Jack of Hearts sacrifices himself. I wouldn’t mind seeing both of them come back though. I mean they’ve been dead for a while now.

  20. I kinda hope they both stay dead, their deaths were so huge to the history of the Avengers. Of course if Mephisto gets involved…

  21. This was great stuff, the Cheung/Ponsor combo is unbelievable. The dialog seems a little distracting at times, otherwise the story really moves. This is going to make a beautiful collected edition at some point, I hope the changes/resurrections happening stick universe-wise, they have been out of action for a while.

  22. Great ending. I just hope Wanda doesn’t go away again when this sends.

    I was always a fan of Jack, but I don’t think his return would add anything to the Marvel U. And being that he was already dead, it doesn’t make sense for Wanda to bring him back. Scott — though…

    It would be nice if we could get the original Vision back — though I don’t want to see he and SW together again.

  23. The art in this issue blew me away, SO awesome.

  24. Loved the art, but for some reason Captain America was drawn as 18 years old. OTher than that oddness, really great. Anything that gives MU Scarlet Witch back, one of the better female superhero characters they have.

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