Avengers Academy vs. The Hood! The video of Tigra being beaten by The Hood ends up on the internet — but what’s more dangerous: how Tigra reacts, or the mission of revenge the students embark upon? And when they seek out Parker Robbins, are they getting in way over their heads…or going so far down the path of evil they can never turn back? And how does it all lead to The Hood’s new quest in AVENGERS? Don’t miss this powerful chapter in the hit new series that has Aint It Cool News raving: “With this simple yet elegant twist…it’s nice to see that teenage angst isn’t just for mutants anymore.”

Story by Christos Gage
Art by Mike McKone, Rebecca Buchman
Colors by Jeromy Cox
Letters by VC - Joe Caramagna
Cover by Mike McKone

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.4%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. The best Avengers series and arguably the best Marvel series. Pick this series up Ifanboy members. 

  2. This is probably above Secret Avengers for me now. Just because of the faster pace.

    I love the Hood but can’t bring myself to pick up Avengers I hope we get some new stuff about him here and not just recap.

  3. @glwarm76  so true! i wish one of the guys was reading this so we can hear about it on the show

  4. Agree the best avengers book in the shelves, i hope the sales are good so we can have this book for long time.

  5. The students are okay, but it’s the teachers and the creators who keep bringing me back. It’s definitley the best Avengers book currently, but the ultimate Avengers fix is the animated series.

  6. Always a good read and I agree it’s the best Avengers book!

  7. I really like that cover. This is also the best Avengers book around.

  8. This book hasn’t disappointed yet. 

  9. This was a decent issue, but the whole “bravest thing I’ve seen as an Avenger” bit had me rolling my eyes.  Overall, it was decent, but surprisingly not that entertaining.

  10. I liked that the students didn’t back down or “learn their lesson”. It makes them much more interesting.

  11. God I love this book! @mrwrong I agree at times the issue bordered on the sitcom melodrama line but by not having the kids give in it avoided the trap

  12. This was really good. Finally seeing the kids get put in their place was great to see. Gage is doing something completely different than all the other Avengers books here.

  13. @andybmcd “bravest thing I’ve seen as an Avenger” I believe he was referring to her awful wardrobe choice for the TV appearance.

  14. I LOVED this issue.  Great character development issue for Tigra.  My POW!

  15. The adults stuff was great here but I thought a lot of the teen stuff wasn’t great.

  16. Most emotional issue of the week. Really got me. Nearly POW.

  17. @scallionsncreme  Oh snap!

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