The big return of Giant-Man! Founding Avenger Hank Pym has been a scientist, a hero, a disgrace, a convict, and — after a long road of redemption — he’s the headmaster of Avengers Academy.

But now, at long last, Pym returns to his greatest role…that’s right, Giant-Man returns in this historic issue!

But even with his students at his side, can he stand up to one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe, a man who can become every bit as gigantic as he is?

Written by Christos Gage
Art by Mike McKone
Covers by Mike McKone, Ed McGuinness and Brandon Peterson

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. The preview for this was awesome, bring on Giant-Man!

  2. I’ve really been enjoying this more than I thought I would.

  3. I actually wish that Pym had the costume that he uses in the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon.  It works interchangeably for both  Ant-Man & Giant-Man.  The costume on the cover kinda looks like it, but I hope it functions the same.  It’s definitely better than his Wasp costume

  4. in Grampa’s voice, “My Hank is not a convict.  He has been a scientist, a hero, a disgrace, a convict, but he is not the headmaster of Avengers Academy.”

  5. Great homage covers this month.  This one evokes Avengers #63.

  6. @Minion – I concur.  Avengers Academy is great title I look forward to every month, moreso than the Avengers and New Avengers.

  7. IMHO best avengers book

  8. My favourite Avengers book. I hope it lasts a good long time.

  9. Love Christos Gage and have heard great things about this book. Will likely be getting the trades.

  10. Have not been able to get into this book, but I’m totally picking this up. Is it weird that I’m super excited about a character changing his clothes?

  11. This book has been really good. A big draw for me is the art from Mike McKone, here’s hoping he is still on the book even though it seems like there have been a number of fill-in artists (Jorge Molina a couple of months ago, Tom Raney on this issue, Sean Chen solicited for the Jan or Feb issue) already.

  12. It’s probably my favorite Avengers book as well. Honestly, the kids are okay, but it’s the adult Avengers/trainers that keep me coming back. Them and the creative team.

  13. Not a bad issue, just not as strong as the rest of the series has been.  Giant-Man just is not my thing.  When he is Hank Pym, there seems to be a deeper, better story that fits better into this book.  Was not a fan of most the art except the panel with Eon which was awesome.  However, this book has been so good that even with an off issue, it is still the strongest Avengers book and one I will continue to pick up.

  14. Still a brilliant story but the art was off to me, too muddy when compared to the clean lines that have defined the look of this book so far, and what was up with that panel where hank’s eyes are like two centimeters apart?

  15. I liked this story, but I feel like I’ve read it before.  Is there a point when we’re done with the “Hank reflects on all of his mistakes and tries to make a new start” stories?

  16. Was this really McKone pencilling?  I’ve been a fan of his for years, he’s one of the artists whose style is instantly recognizable, and this looked like Tom Raney to me, another artist with his own distinct style.  Was it the inking? I don’t remember Hanna ever changing things up that drastically, but I’m not familiar with Meikis.  Not that the art was bad, just completely different from what I expect from McKone and completely took me out of the comic.  Not to mention another Pym self-analytical whinefest which we just went through last year in Mighty Avengers.

  17. hmm, sorry, sure enough it’s Raney, he’s on the cover, though the credit page and even the solicit above says McKone.  it’s a shame, if i were expecting Raney, i would’ve enjoyed it a lot more, instead of thinking the entire time, “why the hell are the inkers making McKone look like Raney.”

  18. I know it is comic books and pretty much anything can happen in a comic book world but how Pym defeats Creel does not make complete sense.


    Pym stated that Creel can not grow as large as he wants because at some point his body structure will not be able to sustain the weight. However, Pym’s save to this is by growing Creel into a different reality where a person can grow as large as they want. However to grow into this dimension, Pym would have had to grow at those heights he warned Creel about before he could reach this reality-breaking height, therefore causing the collapse in their body structures. The only explanation I can seem to find with this is that Pym grew at such a speed that they arrived at the other reality before any structural damage occurred. Like I said, I still enjoyed the issue but sometimes some things need to be thought out a bit more


  19. What’s up with Hazmat caressing Hank Pym’s giant calf on the cover? 

  20. How long does Hank stay Giant-Man? I’m guessing less than twelve issues. Why not go back to being Yellowjacket?

  21. Good issue. I have a feeling the next trade worth of stories is going to focus on the teachers now that we’ve focused on the students.

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