Reptil goes Jurassic on Tigra!

When Humberto is elected class leader of Avengers Academy, it should be a dream come true…but instead it’s a nightmare! As he struggles with the weight of his repressed grief and anger, added to the responsibility he feels to keep his teammates on the heroic path, something’s got to give…and it might just be Reptil’s humanity! Plus: more on Quicksilver and Finesse, the villainy of Mentallo, and another Avengers guest appearance in the series that Comic Book Club Live hails as “All of the fun of ’90s New Warriors with a dark side.”


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  1. I’m liking this book more and more even if I hate half the characters.

  2. Second best Avengers title on the stands now. Each issue perfectly characterizes these new characters, as I find my self both relating to and feeling sorry for them.

  3. Love this book. Every Avengers fan should be buying it. Wait, scratch that. Every fan of engaging characters should be buying it.

  4. Tempted to break my trade wait.

  5. Normally, I steer away from "teen" books… But gun to my head this is the best Avengers title going right now.  This book has it all… interesting charachters, entriguing plot lines, and action.  I am such a huge fan of this right now!

  6. I LOVE this book, might be my favorite superhero book

  7. Well…it’s kinda like the time you let the guy in the park je** you off, you hate admitting you liked it. The book keeps getting better every month. I really hope they bring in more of the New Warriors, and now that Young Allies has met it’s (pulp) maker Firestar will have lottso free time.

  8. And kudos to Gage for making me care about a kid who turns into a dinosaur!

  9. This and Thunderbolts make me sad that so many more people read Bendis’s Avengers… why must quality go (relatively) unnoticed?

  10. @ cubsmodano I totally agree.  I was finally strong enough to drop Avengers b/c I wasn’t enjoying it.  I’ve stuck w/ the books that I have been enjoying ( New Avengers, Thunderbolts, & this book.)

  11. This was alright but it kind of bugs me that they are saying that the Avenger’s Academy has been together for months. Seems more like two weeks.

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