The Avengers Academy: exposed to the public? The existence of the school has been kept secret…and the fame-hungry Striker isn’t happy about that at all! But it may be a moot point as the obsessed super-criminal Whirlwind blames Hank Pym for the death of the woman he loved, Janet Van Dyne, and comes seeking revenge on Hank’s inexperienced students, who are out on a field trip! And hey, who’s that locking lips with Justice? All the drama, action and intrigue you can handle, from the new breakout series which WeeklyCrisis.com says has “a solid premise, interesting new characters, and a superb creative team. I look for this comic to be criminally underestimated, but tremendously satisfying.”


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  1. Looks like a focus on the one most likely to be my least favorite character on the team. Hopefully Gage can make him interesting.

  2. Gonna miss McKone on pencils this issue. 

  3. One of my favorite books coming out now!

  4. Gage proved in his last Avengers book that he can make anyone interesting, even F level villains.

  5. Great series. 

  6. The best avenger book right now…. by far. What do you think?

  7. Ooo, no McKone? Maybe I’ll give this one another shot.

  8. @optra08 I like Secret more but I’ve dropped the other two.

  9. @Optra agreed! Hell if you said best marvel comic right now I wouldn’t give much of an argument

  10. Didn’t #4 come out like 2 weeks ago?

  11. I think this issue hooked me. I still hate Striker but now I have good reason to hate Striker. Some plot got moved along and I actually learned some stuff about Hank Pym. He actually had enemies! Who knew? They haven’t appeared in decades.  (Ultron doesn’t count.)

    @Templar17 It was delayed a few weeks for some reason last week. Regular schedual is first week.

  12. By week I mean month… Stupid me.

  13. Looking forward to the Tigra and Giant-Man spotlight issues!

  14. i’m not digging this series at all yet. I started picking it up in the hopes that they’d immediately elaborate on Reptil. The sad truth is that he’s literally done nothing but get his ass kicked and kiss finesse. Next months issue holds promise though if the cover art is to be trusted. I’m aware most people think reptil is lame, but i was a dinosaur fanatic as a kid and if i’d been givin’ this character back then…. Dinosaurs… meets… COMICBOOKS?! *immediately loses any and all baby teeth* Anyway… thats my two cents…

  15. @Oopsxlandmind I actually think he’s a pretty good character too. Better than most of the team which for the most part are still pretty generic.

  16. I’m really enjoying this series. This Secret Avengers and Prime had out lived the main Avengers title for me.

  17. @minion thanks man. I thought it had become bi weekly for a minute.

  18. This was the best issue of the series. Jorge Molina is pretty nice with the pencils. 

  19. This series is amazing. Gage might write young people better than anyone else in the business.

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