The Runaways are here!

Giant-Man and Victor, Reptil and Chase, Lightspeed and Karolina. What happens when these two super-charged teams collide?

Story by Christos Gage
Art by Karl Moline
Cover by David Lafuente

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  1. I don’t normally buy AA but I will buy anything with the Runaways in. Marvel need to being these characters back for their own series. Marvel cancelling Runaways was when I started to move away from them, bringing them back would restore my faith a little

    • Runaways is the comic that got me into reading comic in general, seconded that I will buy anything with them in it, even picked up Daken for them. What I wouldn’t do to have them back in their own series!

    • I know, especially as their own series ended on something of a cliff hanger that no ones explained in their recent appearances.

      Hopefully this and Daken were testing the water for a return.

    • Are those Daken issues worth checking out strictly for the Runaways?

    • I didn’t think Daken was worth it.

  2. I think I’m done with this book after the Runaways issues, but I might try to stomach through the AvX tie-ins, still on the fence about that one.

  3. Avatar photo filippod (@filippodee) says:

    Mmmm…. too much art on that cover. It needs an additional diagonal banner.

  4. Grabbing this for the Runaways.

  5. Oh God I hate the constant use of the hero on hero fights and Gage has been overusing that trope to much on this series. If these issues don’t wow me I am so dropping this book.

  6. Not a fan of this series, but I miss the Runaways. I’m in for two issues.

  7. Wow. I was not prepared for how much I missed these characters. Fortunately, they were written pretty damn well in this issue, and their interactions with the main cast gave me reason to care about those kids a lot more. Great, great fun. POW.

    • I barely get any Marvel book reguarly any more, but if Marvel wanted a regular income from me, they’d relaunch this series. It would show me that they still care about things that don’t have Avenger in the title.

      I keep hearing rumours of a Runaways movie, that’d get the franchise going again.

    • I gotta say, not a huge fan of the current Bendis-Flavored Avengers, but man… I want a Bendis Runaways book so damn bad. I reeeeeally hope that’s where he winds up.

  8. Hated Moline.

    • I wouldn’t say hated, but this was pretty jarring compared to the usual artwork in this title. I felt the non-human characters were pretty good, but the usual cast and crew looked off.

    • Funny, the art has always been an issue with me on this book, but Moline broughgt an energy that I’ve not experienced in this book. I quite enjoyed.

  9. Won’t be able to get to my LCS until this weekend. Hope will still have this

  10. I think I hate the Runaways.

    • No, that can’t be 🙂

      Was this the first contact with them, or have you read the Brian Vaughan stuff?

    • I was virgin before this.

    • I imagine without knowing the context they can come off as whiney. If you like anything by BKV I’d really suggest getting the first 18 issues of the runaways. Ive got it in one collected edition – first time I read it it blew my mind.

  11. It was so good to hear these characters voices again. Gage wrote them all perfectly. If this team relaunched the series I would be there.

  12. This book was a turd until I got to the last page.

  13. Ugh, this cover. It looks like a Marvel vs. Capcom ad. I almost rated this issue two stars because of that cover. And will there ever be an issue of Avengers Academy that doesn’t have some kind of event dress on the cover? Marvel should have a little more faith in the original concept of this series, because the first year of AA was incredible. This isn’t a series that should have to survive as event tie-in fodder, at least not to the extent that it’s been for the past year. This book needs to find its groove, though I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy some of the meandering of the past year. It’s not the worst meandering in the history of comics. So there’s that, I guess.

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