The Academy teachers must battle not one, but two hammer-wielders at the same time! Meanwhile, the horrors of war take their toll on the students, as one of them is pushed ever further towards a life-changing decision!

Don’t miss the shocking events that will rock the book that IGN.com calls “the under-appreciated gem of the Avengers franchise.”

Story by Christos Gage
Art by Tom Raney & Drew Hennessy
Colors by Jeromy Cox
Cover by Billy Tan

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Why so little pulls?

  2. I’ve been waiting for this to release.

  3. I think this was added late cause I missed this yesterday and there are so little pulls

  4. @avistann ditto.

  5. I’m sticking with this for now. The .1 ish was the best recent ish, I hope it maintains that high quality and we get the return of Jeremy soon

  6. Is really coming out this week as my LCS did not have this?

  7. this issue was great, one of the few fear itself issues where the heroes dont get there butts totally kicked.  I am also really glad they are using giant man as a major charcter. 

  8.  My LCS also didn’t have this, which is sad because I’ve been really looking forward to it.

  9. this thunderbolts and herc seem to get to caught up in the current event and i feel it hurts the real story. I might have to drop it : (

  10. My LCS did not have this either

  11. If it hadn’t been 4 Daredevil #1, this would have been my POW. Simply & beautifully done both writing & art-wise.

  12. This book is seriously under appreciated!!

  13. This book seriously did not ship. So how did you all read it and rate it?

  14. @zattrick @youngneil I agree with both of you completely! This series is too good to not be more popular!

  15. It really did ship i have it, lol, maybe only selectively shipped.

  16. @malloc where do you live/buy your books?

  17. This is my favorite book and I’m bummed because my shop didn’t get it.

  18. WOW. I don’t normally pull AA but this issue was pretty damn epic. Might stick with this after FI.

  19. @JackAcid  in upstate NY, near Albany.

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