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The Avengers team up with the incredible RED HULK as the Hood makes a crazy power move to bring the Infinity Gauntlet together once more. But the Hood has no idea the power he is toying with and who is coming to earth to challenge him for it. Another earth-shattering chapter of Avengers crazy by Bendis and Romita Jr!

Plus: another illustrated chapter of the oral history of the Avengers!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by John Romita Jr.
Cover by John Romita Jr.

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.5%
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Brilliant cover!

  2. I love the infinity gauntlet.  thank you jim starlin

  3. I’m down for any story featuring the Infinity Gems.

  4. Agreed on the amazing cover, probably my favorite cover image of the week.  Great use of the title text.

  5. There is at least one person out there that is going to think that this so-called “infinity gauntlet” is marvel’s knock-off of all the different lantern rings. This cover really reminds me of just how many glowing lantern colors i’ve seen on covers in the past few years.
    Cynicism aside, awesome looking stuff

  6. Well, art was the best it’s been in a while, but not a whole lot happened.

  7. This is the JRJR I love! Beautiful issue!

  8. Enjoying this arc a lot more than the last so far. Really cool build up with the infinity gems, some of the best art from JRJR I’ve ever seen.

  9. This was pretty much all talking.

  10. I didn’t enjoy this.  I like superheroes talking to each other as much as the next guy, but I think it’s more effective when it’s done with discretion.  I want Bendis to tell his story, but I also want to get it moving, Cap and Iron Man’s relationship is getting a little redundant.  Not that it isn’t significant, but I wish it was done using a little less space, maybe even off-panel

    Oh well, they can’t all be 4’s and 5’s

  11. Starting to get a little tired of the covers that are the exact opposite of what happens inside.

  12. It seems to me that instead of standing around in the snow talking about what to do that maybe some immediate move towards protecting/retreiving the rest of the gems would be appropriate. Maybe a “I’ll explain on the way Steve” from ironman would be appropriate. If the rest of the Illuminati stepped up to express the dire situation things could have moved forward a little faster, wouldn’t a few words from Mr. Fantastic be a little more influential than anything from Tony at this point. The whole, lets just stand quiet while the parents fight feel was weird, cant they talk aboard a quinjet or something, I know there is a lot of conflict between Captain Steve and Tony but at least then it would feel like something was going on.

    Apart from the slow pace from the heroes, I really like what has been done with the Hood and I look forward to a better telling of the infinity gauntlet idea because the origional does not hold up as a well told story.

  13. I love this book

  14. Is it strange to anybody else that the Hood has basically been the main antagonist for the past 3 or 4 years? 

  15. I bought all the Avenger books this week to sample in.  Why is Steve Rogers pissed at Tony having a secret when he leads the Secret Avengers? Is the Secret Avengers existence a secret, or is the membership a secret. I couldn’t tell from this issue, but the way the character at the end was introduced it seemed as if it was supposed to be a surprise.  

  16. Dug this, big time.

  17. @Poopmonster  I think just the missions are secret in SA but the rest of the Avengers know that Steve is out there with other heroes laying the smack down

  18. @Poopmonster – Exactly the same thought I had. Somewhat hypocritical on Cap’n Steve’s part.

    And to all the people complaining about it being all talk. Go watch a Transformers movie.

  19. Check out the review of this issue on Critic Hammer 

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