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Plus: another chapter in the oral history of the Avengers!


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  1. Is it just me or have Romitta’s pencils been awful in this?  At least compared to some of his stronger work like Kick-Ass or Enemy of the State

  2. It’s not just you

  3. Awful? God, no.

  4. Yeah, the art has been awesome as far as i’m concerned

  5. "Awful" is the wrong way to put it.  I mean compared to his usual work, or at least the benchmark that he’s set for himself. 

  6. Really liking the story for this but I kinda hate JRR’s art on the avengers. I love his other stuff but please somebody tell him to stop drawing marvel characters it doesn’t look right at all IMO.

  7. I dropped off of this title after #4.  Then I reread 1-4 at one sitting and liked the story much better that way.  So, of course, I went back and picked up 5 & 6.  So, I’m back on board and ready for this!!

  8. Jumping on because of Red Hulk. Never thought I’d be "That guy"

    This is the beginning of a new arc, right? 

  9. @slockhart Yes it is

  10. i’ve dropped this as of 6, but am anxious to find out what the ifanbase thinks of this. Maybe i’ll be jumping back on.

     I feel like JRJR’s art hasn’t been up to his normal par in this series, but by no means awful! My only complaint really was that i feel like there is just too much going on in this series in terms of characters. I think it was mentioned in one of the podcasts as Bendis having a quota for each character to say X amount of lines per issue. Can make it seems overwhelming at times, but fun, all the same.

  11. @Zattaric


    I did the same thing. This reads amazingly together where as monthly I was just merely slightly enjoying it. 

  12. Tempted . . . and I got space on my pull list now . . . haven’t tried this series yet . . . buy everything from Bendis in one format or another . . . Tempted for sure.

  13. The oral history of the Avengers is just like that book Please Kill Me, except not funny and completely uninteresting. 

  14. I like this series a lot, but I’m switching to hc after this issue. I’m paying nearly 24 bucks for a trade’s worth of issues when the premier hc is 12 bucks on DCBS. Considering how quickly Marvel puts out collections combined with how well it reads as one story, I think it’s a no brainer.

  15. The oral history bores the hell out of me. I stopped reading it after issue 3.

  16. The art was very poor towards the end of issue 6, nowhere near the usual high standard of JRJR.

  17. Can somebody tell me who is Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk. I have not been following up with the Hulk series.

  18. @XmanRyan Red Hulk is General Ross and Red She-Hulk is betty


    I think i must be the only one who enjoys the oral history, its facinating to me


  19. Dropping this finally. Bendis can be such an exhausting writer.

  20. I love the oral history as well.

  21. Unless this book really hooks me again I’m probably going to drop this.

  22. @RoiVampire+SirCox – LOVE the oral history. It honestly made dropping this book a much harder decision. Hope they collect it seperately (I’ll hold my breath for that one…)

  23. I enjoyed this okay. The art isn’t JRJR in top form, but it’s still good enough for me. And I like what the Hood is doing here.

    @glunders: I know what you mean about Bendis being an "exhausting" writer, but I find him less exhausting here. It reminds me of why I liked him in the first place ten years ago. It’s true that I find things like his treatment of Noh-Varr to be awful, but… I think there’s enough fun to be had here that it’s worth putting up with Bendis’ tics. I don’t read the Oral History.

  24. Good issue, the stuff with wonder man I could do without but the rest was wonderful so overall good issue. And got I love the oral history.

  25. When the issue began I couldn’t believe that Bendis was still shoving Parker Robbins down our throats but by the end of the issue I was all in.  Best issue of the new series.

  26. Infinity Gems?  Nice!  Will have to reread that Illuminati issue where each member took one.

  27.  *SPOILER*


    Did anyone find it weird how the Rulk appeared? It just seem like he came out of nowhere and people were saying that was the infinity gems doing. My question is if Parker was summoning Rulk with the gems then why would he be so confused when he first appeared?

  28. I was going to drop this after the first storyline but with the re-intro of the Infinity Gems I’m sticking around. Things need to be explained though because the Gems should no longer work in unison unless that’s changed and I forgot. I remember this being possibly during Infinity War but it seems like the Living Tribunal reinstated the block.

    Red Hulk…I really don’t care. He’s there so I’ll read it.

    Can we just stop this stupid ornal history of the Avengers and drop the price to $2.99? I have never read it and recently realized there are different parts in the different Avengers books. I only read Avengers and none of the others so even if I was interested in it I still wouldn’t be getting it all. Honestly it’s this history crap that is still making me wonder about dropping it.

    JRJR’s art? LOVE IT! It’s his super hero art. It’s fun and kenitic. And worth sticking around for…for a little while longer

  29. I thought I’d see if there was any change for the better with issue 7 after dropping the book with #3 after it continued to spin it’s wheels….but it’s just getting worse. Romita’s art is getting more fucked up by the issue. Even his women look like guys. I’ve seen better drawing in junior high art classrooms. What happened to the guy who used to make Amazing Spider-Man look so cool in the early 80s and early 2000s? This sure as hell ain’t him! Now onto Bendis. He needs to be writing Marvel Adventures. This read like a fucking kiddie cartoon. Why is this fool determined to push a D-list villain like The Hood on the readers? He seems obsessed in elevating him to Doctor Doom or Magneto status. Did he buy the rights to Parker Robbins off the Brian (K. Vaughan) with actual writing talent? It’s been Hood This Hood That since Civil War. No different from his other fixations like Sentry, Luke Cage, Doctor Strange, Spider-Woman & Ms Marvel (obviously the latter two cos he admits they were jerk off material for him when he was young). Did you guys read the first 3 panels in Avengers Tower where Noh Varr introduces his girlfriend? They all sound like the same person talking to himself! And he’s still pushing that whole Wonder Man as bad guy angle. Like that hasn’t been done before.. Oy!

  30. I get the feeling the JRJR’s pencils are fine, but the inking is the culprit here.  I was looking at the first page with Red Hulk on it and I couldn’t help but think if ANYBODY else inked it it would’ve looked great.

  31. Palmer & especially Janson have been inking Romita Jr since the 80s on both Spider-Man & Uncanny. I’d say it was Jr Jr.

  32. Still not seeing it. The art is fantastic! JRJR was what got me to look at this series to begin with an dI’ve not been disappointed by the are yet.

  33. Alright, I thought Tony Stark had the Reality gem. How did it end up on the moon under Atillan? Or have I forgotten which gem is which already (again)?

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