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The Blockbuster Marvel series continues! The Avengers travel to the far-flung future to stop the timestream from ripping itself apart. But with time unraveling more and more with every second it may be too late to put the world back the way it was. All this plus a brand new chapter in the oral history of the Avengers!

PENCILS: John Romita JR.
COVER BY: John Romita JR.

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. This has been really over the top, but a ton of fun.  That’s really all I want out of the main Avengers book.

  2. I’ve been loving this series. It’s like a completely different Bendis writing this

  3. I love this title as well. The only Avengers book I’m still reading. And I dunno what everyone’s on about Klaus Janson. He’s one of the best inkers ever, and I love his finishes over JRJr’s pencils. The more I look at these pages, the more I’m enjoying the style.

  4. I’ve been loving the art very much, but the dialogue has been kind of annoying. Oh well, they’re still making money (including mine), so Bendis doesn’t care.

  5. @Amircat: yup 

  6. I’ve been liking this well enough, but it doesn’t feel like "a completely different Bendis" to me at all. The dialogue tics and characterization habits are all the same, for better and worse. The story is more action-oriented and straight-forward exciting–which I LIKE–but all the actual sentences on the page are things I could see him writing anytime in the last five years, easy. Not a complaint, just an observation.

  7. But for the love of all that is holy, will they drop that craptastic banner! It is the worst banner I have seen in recent years and that is saying something. I think readers have gotten the hint by now. Heroes will be more heroic. Marvel promises. Now help wash that banner from my eyes!

  8. i dropped this back in issue 2. Im glad people are enjoying it though. I was never one for the classic avengers, which this is supposed to tap into? But I am glad the book is doing well.

  9. Despite the craptacular Banner, fundamental clunker of a plothole, and ‘odd’ washes of colour in places, I am still quite enjoying this. Glimpses of characters like Death’s Head, cameos from Killraven… I’m happpy.

  10. Poor Vision… he has no friends. Plus theres a 100% chance that he will be somehow torn apart in this arc.

  11. @Ruo21:  Doesn’t Vision have Stature and the Young Avengers??  Or are there two running around?

  12. great cover, except it covered the logo.

  13. AINGFBS?

  14. For some reason Romita’s Iron Man looks stiff on the covers but in the book it looks great. I don’t get it

  15. The art is…horrible. 

  16. How about that there are no good ‘rules’ for time travel?

    Really, that  is the best I got for any question on time travel

  17. In terms of the art, i think it’s a slight step backwards from the great visceral quality of Kick-Ass. 

    I like JRJR better when the inker has a really strong solid heavy line, it give the character a real weight. It’s just a little scratchy and shit in this series  

  18. I wasn’t too bothered by the previous issues’ art.  this one was the best one yet.  it works for me, even if it doesn’t seem to for others.

    also, the text pieces are still kicking ass. 

  19. My store forgot to pull this issue, but I wouldn;t say I’m missing it.

     @Edward – I’m wiht you on JR JR’s artwork. I like it on Kick-ass, but just can’t seem to get into it here.

  20. I was going to make this my last issue for this series, while I like the characters and the art is some of the best the story just didn’t seem to be going anywhere…

    I’m sticking with it now.

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