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• The latest and greatest roster of Avengers root out the secret labs of H.A.M.M.E.R.!

• Who’s really behind this latest threat, and who rebuilt the new Dark Avengers?

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Daniel Acuña
Cover by Daniel Acuña & Paolo Rivera

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. I they seriously trying to tease who brought the Dark Avengers back? They think it would shock us?

  2. Cover art is awesome. I just wish they wouldn’t use that stupid “Shattered Heroes” banner.

  3. Well I have been hanging on to the Avengers for as long as I can and this will be the final book if they do not right the ship! The artwork has been spotty at best and the stories have all been tied into an incredibly bad Fear Itself series and now some other BS. Please lets get back to some Avengers outside of all of the crap!!
    Hoping for the best.


    • When is bendis done writing this im done with him

    • I concur. This has been the worst. Seriously, as if Captain America can’t talk to the media to rebut a bunch of random accusations… sick of this bad Norman Osborn storyline- and if Osborn is clearly planning for the Avengers, what military genius splits the team up to go around in pairs?????!!! Horrible. Done with this.

  4. I really want to like Acuna’s art on this book. Why can I not like Acuna’s art? He can do some stuff really awesome but his faces are just so off putting.
    I miss really enjoying The Avengers. This is just really bland I guess.

  5. Well I gave it a 4 and looks like I will be sticking around for a little while at least. The artwork I agree is just not my cup of tea and Lady hydra in the begining; what was this a joke on purpose? Just really started me out on a sour note from the begining. The recovery was using the original Avengers powers against them, i thought that was kinda neat and I wanna see how that devekopes. Splitting the group up and Osborn having baddies at each location seemed almost like simple writing just to get something going. Lady Hydra all better just like that, just seemed like this whole thing was like meant to be comedy; confussing. Although I can feel the tension in Cap, as well for a lot of us who are sick of Osbourn already, I hope he is done soon and like I said earlier lets move on to a new threat. Just like DC I complained awhile back The Justice League should be their flagship comic and Marvel it used to always be The Avengers. Well Marvel, DC has gotten it right finally and it is high time you followed suit! Get rid of all of these knock of Avengers groups and make this the flagship as it should be!! I gave it a 4 and I think I was being super generous since other than the comedy parts this was the best book they have had in awhile. Next issue I wont be so nice!


  6. I love the art in this arc. Acuna is really doing some cool stuff. The story is really just OK. I know its tradition that the Avengers deal with the media, but i’m finding it kinda hokey and silly in this storyline. A pretty decent setup going forward…i’d rate it a “3” for “Average Good”

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