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Norman Osborn and H.A.M.M.E.R. return!

Witness the new Avengers line-up in action!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Daniel Acuña
Cover by Daniel Acuña

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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Ten on the team? Too many!

  2. I’ve really come around on Acuña.

    • I really did not care for Acuña when he was on the Flash. I thought he did a good job on the Eternals. Now, he is one of my favorite artists. He is doing an amazing job on this book in my opinion.

  3. My enthusiasm about Storm becoming an Avenger is slightly lessened by the fact that Black Panther is also on the team.

  4. So did i miss when Hawkeye got a new costume?

  5. They need to drop three or four members because this is just too many. They can start by dropping Protector, Spidey, and Wolvie. Spidey and Wolverine are already on the New Avengers and that’s all of the Avenging that they need to worry about. Protector is pretty bland. Then they need to replace someone on the team other than Hawkeye, Iron Man, or Cap with Red Hulk because he was growing on me and after the bullshit they put him through in F.I., homeboy deserves to be an Avenger.

    • Yea I agree on dropping Protector don’t care for him one way or another.Red Hulk should be on one of the teams.

    • Protector only got bland when he took on the protector tittle imo, I thought he was a lot more interesting as marvel boy.

    • Revamp Protector. His name, outfit and attitude … ZZZZZZZZ.

      Wolverine and Spider-Man don’t add anything with the possible exception of readers who collect all of their appearances.

      I don’t mind ten on the team. The ranks have swelled before, but typically, two or three members weren’t there every month.

    • I like Protector, he just needs more air time. With such a huge cast it’s tough for some characters to get meaty scenes and/or mini-arcs. Maybe he’d be best served on a smaller team?

  6. Protector, on top of having the worst name evahr, lost me in the first issues of Avengers when he whipped up a time machine thingy in a couple of hourse. If he could do that, why don’t they teleport around, time travel, and all kinds of other stuff (cure disease? stop way?) all the time?

    • *hours, not “hourse”. “Hourse” is not a thing.

    • You can ask those same questions about every superhero.

    • Why doesn’t Superman deus ex machina every given problem?
      Why do people still live in Gotham?
      Why doesn’t (name the hero) just kill (name the arch villain) at this point?
      Why haven’t the inventions of characters like Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Michael Holt, and other super-geniuses created utopia conditions in their given universes or at least solve problems like fuel or food shortages?

      See what happens when you start taking things too seriously? The team is lead by a 90 year old man in patriotic tights who has a shield made with magical metal; its comics.

    • No, no, no, no – don’t treat me like I’ve never read a comic.

      I’m saying they suddenly have a guy who can out invent Tony Stark and Reed Richards without batting an eyelash. That’s too smart.

    • unclerocco = reasonable opinion.

  7. They need a fresh Writer Bendis is great but ive become bored with his work

    • I never, ever, ever thought I’d say such a thing, buy I’m inclined to agree with you about Bendis on Avengers. I still enjoy the book because I love the way Bendis handle’s character interactions int he down moments. Frankly, if this we just the “down moments” companion title to the other Avengers book, or vice versa, I’d be fine with that. This HAMMER and Norman Osborn stuff has grown pretty bland.

    • I agree. I think Bendis is doing great on Ultimate Spider-Man and Moon Knight, but his team books aren’t cutting it for me lately. I dropped Avengers and New Avengers after loyally reading Bendis’s Avengers everything since he first tore the whole team apart. Now it seems like it all just devolves so easily into a clever contest between characters where they are all forced to say something. They often will all sound too similar. Also Bendis’ isn’t delving too hard into characterization, especially in the main Avengers title. Marvel Boy was an interesting character I wanted to read more of, the Protector seems like a total stranger. The high falootin’ crises are fun and all, but it took Bendis two and a half story arcs to develop interesting character tension between Hawkeye and Spider-Woman.

      Now Bendis has a third Avengers book coming out? I’ll sing Ultimate Spider-Man’s praises from atop a mountain, but Bendis Avengers? i’m done.

  8. The Vision is back! And not that fake-ass “teen” one from Young Avengers either, God I hate them…

  9. I hope it’s the original, I’d like to see the two visions hanging out. I think that would be pretty cool.

  10. I loved this book — but why were there so many pages (15!!!) given over to non-Avengers related copy? That’s a damn shame.

  11. Normie and the H.A.M.M.E.R. kids, huh? Interesting to see how this plays out now.

  12. Me thinks the Teen Vision is going to bite it before Children’s Crusade is over with. Also, what does everyone think about Storm joining?

    • I like it, especially with Thor being out of the picture she fills his role in a way. Also, it looks like Wolverine is just going to be on the New Avengers so she also serves as the mutant presence on the team.

    • Good point about Teen Vision, AquaPimp.

      (And that is the oddest sentence I have written this week, lol.)

  13. I’m not thumping my chest with joy over this issue. The team is odd and old and motley. It doesn’t even feel organized what with the last second addition. That aside…I have no clue who’s on which team anymore. It’s gotten to be too much. What’s next, holo covers and die cuts with seven variants? Get it back together Marvel before we all go way of 1995 again…!

  14. Bring back the jackets. Each team can have different leather jackets.

  15. Is spiderman & wolverine still on the main avengers team?

    It’s ridiculous. Combine the new avengers and the avengers, please.
    Marvel has been making all the wrong moves.

  16. I have to say, 19 issues in seems like a very short span for the team to already have a new line-up (not that the line-up is even that new). Now I know that volume one switched the team up at issue sixteen, but that was pre-Bendis. In the current series, the first 6 issues took place over like an hour.

  17. To me the last cover would’ve fit perfectly.

  18. So Red Hulk, Protector, Iron Man, Cap, Hawkeye, Storm, Spider-Woman, Vision, and Daisy.

    Who sees the problem here? Why the hell did Cap randomly add Daisy Johnson to the team? I mean, I love her character from Secret War and Secret Invasion and then she was an utter bad-ass in Secret Warriors. Fury made her the head (or at least we were led to believe so) of the new S.H.I.E.L.D. at the end of Secret Warriors. So why the hell is she being wasted on such a low-key role on The Avengers? I mean, yeah she has the seismic problems, but hell, so does Rictor from X-Factor and he sure as hell isn’t on The Avengers. If anything, I would expect her to be on the Secret Avengers rather the main team.

  19. Well i gave this issue a 2 for the retrun of The Vision!! The artwork in this book was not good at all; rushed orjust not a very good artist. The new team does not give me any kinda hope for the future of this book and I am trying to hang on to this title so I can keep up some of my favorite characters in the Marvel U however; there are hardly any of those characters left ine here. What will i do? I do not even know if I should continue on with this book; well next month will be the last issue if it dose not make a miracle come back for me.


  20. I’m happy to see the Vision back and that Spiderman and Wolverine are sticking to one team. I’m not happy to see both Avengers teams are going to be tied up with Osbourne and company. I wish Bendis would hand this team over to someone else. He should stick to the New Avengers and Moon Knight.

  21. I’m loving Acuña’s work on the Avengers. I wasn’t crazy about his Black Widow run but his art looks tighter here. Also, it’s pretty humorous which makes some of Bendis’ nonsense actually work. I hope he stays at least for a full arc.

  22. Last frame, microphone has CBR on it.

    This issue really has nothing in it to be excited about. Is Vision THAT exciting? Also, Daisy Johnson: clone of Maria Hill. Ugh.

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