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    This issue was really cool but it really had me working the Wikipedia links.  I never read The Establishment so I had to research who The Golden were.  It was cool to see Swift open up a can by taking out one of the jump-jet constructs.  And I love how we’re slowly discovering the pockets of humanity that survived, but this time it’s not just a lowly refugee camp-it’s the British government!  Or is it?  I also don’t remember anything about Jenny Spark’s ex-husband Lorenzo so I have no idea what to think about him showing up at the end.  It also was sad seeing Jack Hawksmoor trying to use his powers and it almost killing him.  Every issue of this series has done a great job of unfolding the events that surround The Authority as they struggle to survive in Unlondon.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.

    And the Cybernary back-up story was cool since we see that it’s actually a pre-Armageddon story.




  2. This issue was chalkful of suprises, especially on the last page, HOLY CRAP!

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