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The rejuvenated Carrier has left Earth. Destination: Unknown. Who made it on board? Who got left behind? As Jack Hawksmoor and Christine Trelane battle for command of the Carrier, an all-new Authority – with Deathblow and Grifter running point – must deal with uncivilized chaos from within.

Written by Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman
Art by Al Barrionuevo
Cover by Mark Bagley and Trevor Scott

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. After last weeks Wildcats my excitement about this seies has been rejuvenated. I got high hopes.

  2. Looking forward to picking up my copy today after work

  3. Bleh… don’t make my comic Gen13 + Wildcats and call it The Authority.

  4. First off the last page was a great cliffhanger, this issue did a great job picking up where issue #18 left off. The friction between Hawksmoor and Trelane is solid and you don’t know who’s going to side with who when it comes down to taking command of the team/ship. I like the mysteries that were set up in this issue, where’s the Engineer, what’s Jack trump card, and who’s the mystery kid and the guy in the cloak.

    the scenes between Roxy and Sarah were great and I like the nod to the storyline that Beatty never got to of Sarah and her Tribe, but it was hinted at in his run. The chemistry between Cash and Cray were pure joy, they make a great buddy team the way they playoff eachother

  5. I’m a little disapointed because I feel Jack’s trump card is revealed just by looking at the cover…pretty sure only one of those characters wasnt in the book. Otherwise this was good.

  6. @AlanRob, I don’t think The High is in the box (if so I’d be very surprised).  Now the cloaked man may be him.

  7. @charliebf5, comics have roster shake-ups every now and then.  What’s so wrong with it happening here?  Jack, Angie, and Swift are still there. 

  8. @AlanRob

    I’m guessing that the High is the man in the cloak, at the of Stormwatch PHD the High was with Stormwatch, so I dont think Jack could’ve "boxed" so quickly after calling all the heroes in and the carrier taking off. I think its a SPB of last resort…

  9. @grifter78 Except for Grifter, just don’t like the line-up

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