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  1. This is SOOO DnA’s redheaded step-child no one talks about lol.

  2. @Parker

    That IS so true, it seems that DnA’s Marvel stuff is getting a huge amount of love, but not their Authority stuff


  3. One thing it does suffer from is the truncated page count. Wildstorm has all of the back-up stories running through all the books and they use up like 5 or 6 pages of every issue.

  4. @Parker Well, you’ll be happy to know the backups officially ended last month.  All the World’s End titles are back to full page count.

  5. I’ve loved The Authority and I miss their glory days.  I’m really getting bored with this title.

  6. @grifter78

    Thanks that is good to know. Authority is the only one I have been reading regularly since the reboot and I think dedicating those back-up stories to every book line wide really hurt the main stories. It would be one thing if they had been true "co-features" but since you had to get every book in the line to get the story it really made me lose any interest in them.

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