The untold tales of Atomic Robo are, uh, told! At last!

Featuring the (first) Revenge of Dr. Dinosaur!

Part one of an all-new Sparrow adventure!

The Last Stand of the Commie-Bots!

And a secret guest star!

Story by Brian Clevinger
Art by Ryan Cody, Yuko Oda, Chris Houghton, John Broglia, & Joshua Ross
Colors by Matt Speroni
Letters by Jeff Powel
Cover by Scott Wegener & Ronda Pattison

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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. I’ve been getting back issues for a few weeks now and I’m really liking the writing. I’m excited to get right on board with this new run.

  2. Superfun book:) great to read after a stack of darker books (BPRD, UXF, etc).

  3. Pick of the week just for the Dr. Dino section.

  4. ugg… I was very disappointed in this. Too many of the stories ended with TO BE CONTINUED before anything happened. I felt like I was reading a comic full of previews. I think I`ll pass on the next issue of Real Science Adventures and just be happy with the main title.

    • I agree with that. The stories are too short – very frustrating. I may stick with it though but I can’t wait for a longer tale. I’ll be getting to the back issues in the meantime.

    • Agreed. I LOVE me some robo, but this was my least favorite book simply due to the large number of stories going nowhere- three stories at 7-8 pages each would have been better

    • yeah the stories were short but they had some laughs. I kinda enjoy the unpredictable nature of Robo books. One second they’re fighting vampires the next they’re in Egypt and 20 years have passed.. When I open a Robo book I just sit back and relax and see where it takes me.

  5. One of the best comics out there. If you have a chance to jump on with this one, do it. Robo is a totally original character with endless possibilities. If you’re a sci fi nerd or a real scientist you’ll love this stuff

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