Royal Williams and his brother Charles are hot on the heels of their parents’ killer, but their mission is igniting a fire that may incinerate more than they could ever imagine! It’s the mid-’80s in Astro City, and not everyone’s going to survive. Featuring the Green Man, the Silver Agent, Mirage, Hellhound, the Pistons of Engine, the Crazy Eights and more in the next arc of the critically acclaimed ASTRO CITY series!

Written by Kurt Busiek
Art by Brent Anderson
Cover by Alex Ross

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. Once upon a time there was this super fantastic comic book but then the writer came up with this convulted 16 issue series and it shipped really late and then the only person reading it was a dork named Urthona.

    But he still kinda liked it.

    Just not as much as the earlier stuff that was better.

  2. It is not really running late these days, they just took time a month off and put the 2 astra books out. I am pretty sure they are done with all 4 books of book 4 and maybe the next character special. Then we will get back to the Astro City series proper. I also do not think this series has been bad, it is just that the other stiff was so good and with immediate payoff.

  3. I enjoyed this issue…Astro City is still one of my fave pleasures.  Lot of great comic books this week.

  4. Anyone else thing the plant creature looks like Alan moore?

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