Hoping to witness the rebirth of the mutant species, the X-Men race to the small African village of Karere, where a sudden spate of super-powered infants have been born. However, they quickly learn that these newborns are not their brand of mutant. And no sooner have the X-Men discovered the shocking truth of these infants’ origin than they are ambushed by a local dictator who has plans of his own for these baby-shaped timebombs. Could this trip get any worse?

WRITER: Warren Ellis
PENCILS: Kaare Andrews
COVER BY: Kaare Andrews

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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. Really? Already? No four or five month delay between issues? That seems unnatural

  2. Just 3 and a half.

  3. and the next 2 issues are already solicitated with covers and everything to be on schedule

  4. come on. it takes a long time to produce art that ugly 

  5. Great cover–Scott’s totally Emma’s bitch. 😀

  6. The covers don’t look great but the interiors really do look better.

  7. Well, it’s a cover.

  8. To be fair to Ellis, the only reason this has become a mini is that art for the previous arc of the main book ran so far behind…

  9. I love this cover. It’s symbolic

  10. I just really can’t get on board with the art.  It just seems like everyone is gangsta or hoochie.

  11. Hoochie, maybe. But gangsta? I don’t see it.

  12. @misterkent  But when has Emma not looked like a hoochie?

  13. egad those shoes

  14. Kaare Andrews is fantastic. I love the art on this. Especially the look he gave Armor and Beast. This has been great.

  15. See, now Scott’s not emma’s bitch. It’s totally the opposite actually. Their relationship actually gives him the self-esteem to have some balls for once. 

  16. I think the best part is that Emma’s overstylized hair makes it look like Scott inherited Squirrel Girl’s tail

  17. @Edward I agree. Scott has really grown so much since he and Emma became a thing. I always liked him because he was a good leader but he’s become an interesting leader ever since she came into his life.

  18. @theswordisdrawn:

    I’m fairly certain that’s not the case–they wanted to launch the Astonishing line with something else other than Aaron/Kubert’s Wolverine/Spider-Man, and Ellis was in the middle of his Brood arc in Astonishing X-Men, so they decided to launch it as a mini-series.


    I get ya, I totally see that–I just thought the cover was funny. 😀

  19. Great issue… this series is brining me back to the Ellis faith and following. 

  20. Dropped because of delay.

  21. OK…So gangsta may have been bad choice, but they’re much more ‘urban’ than in the past.  I really love Storm in a mohawk, but why are her boobs coming out from under her shirt?  Besides the big earrings, boobs and platform shoes…that’s hootchie gear.  

  22. I did not like the art in this. The framing was very odd, with everybody cut off weirdly. In general I thought it looked rushed and rougher than the previous two. Story is solid, but not wowing me. I’ll see it through to the end, but not sorry to see Ellis/X-men go.

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