Mentallo has taken over Monster Island and is controlling the minds of all the inhabitants. He already sent Fin Fang Foom to tear apart Tokyo, but what are his plans for the rest? And can three X-Men and one X-Man-In-Training stop a dozen mind-controlled monsters if Emma can’t get in Mentallo’s head? And if that’s not enough, one of the X-Men is changed forever. This is not a what-if, it is for real!

Story by Daniel Way
Art by Nick Bradshaw, Norman Lee, Jay Leisten & Craig Yeung
Colors by Rachelle Rosenberg
Letters by Joe Caramagna & Clayton Cowles
Cover by Jason Pearson

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. I kind of feel bad for this book. Only 154 pulls. 1 comment. I know I dropped this after Way’s first book, but if it wasn’t $3.99 I might get this next week out of pity.

    Also, if the X-Men weren’t on it, this actually reminds me of Cassaday’s covers from his run, which makes me see how far this series has fallen even more.

  2. This shit has become unreadable for me. This might be the first time I drop an x-book.

  3. I actually like Way’s run so far.  It’s fun, but it shouldn’t have been called “Astonishing”.  That being said, I think that it’s idiotic to have to arcs, separately titled even, running concurrently in the same book.  Why would someone think that having issue 37 say “continued in 39, we start a new story in 38” isn’t a ridiculous idea.

    Oh, and Pearson only got 2 issues before he had a fill-in.  Marvel has bailed on this book, and so too are the readers. 

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