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  1. The art is awesomely kinetic and gritty. I really, really, really love Jimenez art and storytelling, but Ellis writing is irrelevant to the X Universe. I don’t think he cares at all. Him and Fraction needs to go back to Fell and Casanova, thats where they belongs.

  2. Several months ago, I would’ve disagreed with that statement whole-heartedly.  Now, I completely agree.  I think both their minds are elsewhere.

  3. As I don’t read any other X Universe books and couldn’t care less about continuity I am loving this current arc. I personally think this arc is a great improvement over "Ghost Boxes". However, if I had a choice between this and more Fell, I would choose Fell any day of the week. Loving the techno-organic sentinels.

  4. Between this and uncanny I think there’s a little too much snark in the x-men comics

  5. Love Lanning on finishes.

  6. aside from the very convoluted premise (even for the X-Men) and the fact that dead characters are a bit overused at the moment, this a very good X-Men book.  I’m glad there are a wide variety of X-titles going on right now.  All these writers have completely different feels.

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