The biggest adventure that Spider-Man and Wolverine have ever been on continues! A major Marvel mystery villain is putting our dynamic duo through hell, pushing them to their absolute limits and ripping their lives apart. But how does this villain have the power to summon enemies like Doom the Living Planet to challenge our heroes? All astonishment brought to you by Jason Aaron (WOLVERINE, PUNISHER MAX) and Adam Kubert (WOLVERINE, ULTIMATE X-MEN)!

PENCILS: Adam Kubert
COVER BY: Adam Kubert

Price: $3.99
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  1. Is this bi-monthly, or late? Anyway, the first was a huge pleasant surprise, looking forward to this.

  2. It’s bi-monthly.

  3. I really didn’t expect the first issue to go the route it did. Jason Aaron you suprised me. Hopefully this will be a good continuation.

    This is a POTW contender for me, but so is Spider-man, and if it’s as good as last issue Bulletproof Coffin. It’s all to play for this week.

    I would love to see Jason Aaron join the Spider-man crew, he has a great grasp of the character.

  4. The first issue of this was great, and surprisingly so, because I never thought I would enjoy a comic so much about two characters that I dont really care a lot about (especially Wolverine). So I’m quite looking forward to this issue, hopefully its just as good if not better.

  5. For some reason I’m really excited to see Wolverine with a gun in his hands. I doubt it’s unheard of, but the idea of his hands acting as a bayonet while he runs around his enemies with his superior agility makes me smile

  6. I dig Aaron and Kubert, but this is a "make or break" issue for me (was very "meh" on issue #1).

  7. @Ruo21

    Now you’ve drawn attention to it….is that the Phoenix logo on the gun?

  8. @Zeppo – YEAH it is! Phoenix gun!

  9. Awesome Cover!!!! Even better story than i expected last issue. Im on for the ride. 

  10. loved the first issue, but think i;m gonna trade wait it. SOOOO happy DCBS does discounts on a lot of first issues, or chances are i would have never even read this. Really good stuff!

  11. I over looked this in the comic shop but after the praise it got on the podcast I picked up the first issue and really enjoyed it. I’ll get this one and see if the fun continues.

  12. Stupid b-monthly, I almost missed this.

  13. This was fantastic. Great art and a constantly expanding story. Will likely buy the trade as well as the single issues for rereading’s sake.

  14. If someone told me what this book was about I would assume that it was horrible, but I’ve been reading it and I really dig it so far.

  15. @ conor—Aaron and Kubert are awesome together! This title has been a treat to me because I’ve been an Adam Kubert fan since the mid 90’s. You guys did a great interview with his father…are you guys in the process of scheduling one with Adam? Hope you do.

  16. The Splash page of Doom looked sooo awesome. So far this mini has turned out far better then I thought it would be.

  17. Doom-planet

    That’s a helluva concept

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