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  1. OK when I first heard about this mini series I groaned and promptly fled . Fast forward several months while I am perusing the inventory of a comics store in Arizona , I stumbled across the trade . Long story short there were’nt too many new comics out that week so I tried it . This is one fun read …thats it just a whole lot of fun and in the day of Dark Reign and all of the other sad tired cleches that some of the other companies are constantly peddling , its prettty refreshing to read just a fun little story . Besides it has two of "Sir " Bruce Campbell’s most fun charecters in it . I wished more of the Army of Darkness stories were this well done . If they were I would still be buying the title . The only disappointment was the art …while it was,nt bad , it also was’nt that great either . It did’nt stop me fronm enjoying the story but it sure did’nt enhance it as much as I would have liked either . All in all this was a good read and I am sorry I did’nt buy it when it was printed the first time .

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