The immortal adventurer called Armstrong has seen, heard and punched it all, but nothing could have prepared him for the bow-slinging teenage assassin known as Archer! After an attempted hit goes astray, Archer & Armstrong will find themselves pulled into globe-trotting race against the clock to uncover the ancient secret behind all of history’s greatest conspiracies. But if they don’t reach their destination in time, a weapon capable of near-mythic destruction might just destroy what could been a beautiful friendship. Oh yeah, and the world too!

Sometimes a secret is worth telling twice. Get ready to rewrite the history books when the most dangerous duo in the Valiant Universe make their mark with the Archer & Armstrong #1 Second Printing Variant – on sale in finer comic shops everywhere this August 29th.

Story by Fred Van Lente
Art by Clayton Henry
Cover by Mico Suayan

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.9%
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. I can’t wait for this!

  2. I’m giving this shot because of the premise and van lente I must of been poor or in college when Valiant was around before I really don’t remember them.

    • archer and armstrong was my favorite valliant title back in the day, im definitely going to be giving it a chance. the only issue i have with it right now is that archer’s parents in the old comics were travelling televangilists who were secretly child molesters/serial killers, which is what motivates him to become strong enough to stop evil. in this one, his parents are part of a christian cult of assassins who train archer to kill evil people, and i feel that just wont do the original story justice.

  3. Great 1st issue, I’m digging everything from Valiant.

    • Which other Valiant titles would you say are stand outs?

    • I was kind of interested Shadowman too.

    • I really like Harbinger and I’m also waiting for Shadowman to come out. Bloddshot #1 was good but will have to wait to see how it goes.

    • I’ve really enjoyed the first three issues of X-O Manowar. I thought that Archer & Armstrong got off to a great start today. I’ve been curious to try Bloodshot, but the budget’s been too tight lately. I suspect that Shadowman may suffer the same fate. For some reason, I can’t get excited about Harbinger . . .

    • I feel you cosmo my budget is about that its limits I may to decided soon what gets put on hold until the library get the trades in.

    • Yeah X-O has been the standout for me so far, but I was a big fan of the character during the original Valiant run.

    • In my humble opinion as someone who never read a panel of a Valiant book before the go in this order: Archer and Armstrong, Harbinger, X-O Manowar, then Bloodshot.

  4. EVERY Valiant book has been great so far!

  5. This was the worst book of the launch in my eyes… it just came off as cheesy and cliché in many ways.

    I’m tired of everyone using the freemasons and the illuminati as a villianous organization. Its been done and this one doesn’t seem to add anything new to it.

    Everything Valiant has been awesome, even when I didn’t think it would be, I’ve been surprised. Guess not everything could be a homerun

  6. Never read a Valiant book and this has been the only one I picked up ever. I enjoyed it big time and will be back for more.

  7. This book was great! I think it is the best of the new Valiant books so far, with all of the titles being stellar. This is the best artwork also. Been really pleased with Valiant. Glad to see these characters back and looking forward to Eternal Warrior later this year, I think, or early next.

  8. So far X-O is the only new Valiant book I am interested in sticking with. Bloodshot was OK. This was disappointing for me, it just didn’t do what it needed to do well. It was passable but just weak in too many areas to continue on with it. Not for me.

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