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  1. I think I must be the only person who really likes this series.

  2. No you’re not.  This series is fantastic!  Awesome cover to this issue too.  I can’t wait for this series to conclude and for the new Annhilation spinoff series.  Anyone who digs Nova (and I know there are more of us out there), pick this up!

  3. I’ve been rocking Annihilation stuff since the beginning.  I really like that they made the cosmic stuff interesting.  I’m a big fan of the phalanx so this just keeps getting better for me.

  4. I also love the whole Annihilation run and have been on board since the start. Very good, yet doesn’t get much attention, which is strange. The iFanboys need to get up to speed with this pronto.

  5. Annihilation = AWESOME!

     I just finished this issue and CAN’T wait to see how it all goes down………truly amazing!

    If I had any doubts about picking up Guardians of the Galaxy, they’ve been completely erased!

    My original thoughts when I saw the 4 prequels was that Starlord would be the weakest series, and I’ve been proven so wrong. Team Quill rocks! I AM GROOT!

  6. The whole thing with Groot was awesome.

  7. Note to Marvel: Groot. Ongoing. Now.

  8. Groot will be in the new guardians of the galaxy

  9. i love this series.  i have never cared much for cosmic stuff until the Annialation stuff started and now i just want more.

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