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  1. Yeesh, why bother?  Got Vol. 1 on ebay for 50 cents a piece and still felt robbed.  Warren Ellis, I shake my fist/throw my shoe at you!

  2. I really liked the first volume. Solid, high-concept, science fiction with good action oriented art. Can’t wait to see what’s up next.

  3. Yeah, you crazy philosophyteacher, the first arc was great, looking forward to more!

  4. Of course it’s all just a matter of taste.  Recently got back into comics, knew nothing of contemporary writers so bought a lot of stuff on their reputations.  Disappointed by most of Ellis’s stuff–with the exception of Fell.  His books seem underwritten but I guess that’s a kind of style. They are typically gorgeously illustrated–Ignition City, Aetheric Mechanics–but that’s about all.  They seem like books to be gazed at rather than read and just seem formulaic and empty in terms of narrative.

  5. Wow, philosophyteacher…  You sem to have stated the exact oppisite of the way I feel about Ellis’ books. He’s one of the mot intellegent, inventive and creative witers out there, hardly fomulaic or empty.

  6. I feel like I was a little iffy on the art of all these Ellis Avatar books at the start, but am SO keyed up by the stories. And the art is largely better than I thought it was (especially this book, which is great action artowrk), just different than more mainstream work. This ones fighting for my favorite of his right now with Gravel.

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