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Still reeling from the shocking death of his son, Buddy Baker is taking his grief out on the world around him. But in this special story, learn how the bonds of family can be stronger than the forces of evil—even when that evil is a horde of massive, slavering spiders!

Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Travel Foreman
Cover by Travel Foreman

Price: $4.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 14.7%
Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. Cool, Travel Foreman is back! I love his work – he made Animal Man a must read back in the early days of the New 52. It’ll be nice to see his surreal art again.

    • Yeah, I always liked him on this book and wish he would have stayed aboard longer! (Interesting that he’s doing this Annual, because I heard the reason he left was because he didn’t want to draw Animal Man anymore…)

    • I read that his departure had a lot of to do with family crisis and death, and so this particular title was hard for him to work on day in and day out. I’m also really glad to see him back, I dropped off during Rotworld, but this and Albuquerque taking over have brought me back.

    • Avatar photo ochsavidare (@ochsavidare) says:

      Yeah, Foreman was really a perfect fit at the start, will be nice to see his work again. Ever since Rotworld this title has been growing on me, but I don’t really like Pugh’s art so it will be nice when Albuquerque takes over.

  2. Picked up the last issue after dropping it post-rot world and couldn’t get into it but will definitely grab this for the Foreman art.

  3. Holy shit this was GOOD!

    You can tell Jeff Lemire is a father cause he instills Buddy Baker with a love for his son Cliff that transcends this comic and reaches the reader in ways not seen since Lemire’s other masterwork, The Underwater Welder. It’s brutal to read this issue and see Baker going through the agony of losing his son and remember the times together in the short time they had – and I wouldn’t want this type of story month in month out – it’s just TOO much to take. But this issue is a fitting eulogy to Cliff Baker made even more poignant by the wonderful art from Travel Foreman. He displays a gasp of Animal Man’s world like no other artist has in the New 52. It’s a lovely place to visit when Travel is on duty.

    I have a few more comics to read but as of now, this mother is POTW!

    Story = 5
    Art = 5

  4. This was an amazing and touching issue. I missed Travel Foreman’s art and it was nice to see him be able to come back to this title after grieving with such a heartfelt issue about death.

  5. This was fantastic on so many levels.

  6. This was outstanding. I have always loved the domestic side of Buddy’s life, the everyday family life that made him so distinct as a character. It was so good to see him not only with Cliff again, but Ellen as well. (As much as I like the current storyline, I am hoping for an eventual reconciliation between Buddy and Ellen). A very emotional story.

    I was mixed on Foreman’s art during the original arc, but he really outdid himself here. From the grand two page reveal of Anansa to the scenes of family interaction, everything was first rate.

    I still have two other books to read, but I strongly suspect this’ll be my pick of the week.

  7. So, I added Animal Man back to my pull list when I heard Albuquerque was jumping on. As a result, I got this annual in my bin at my LCS. I knew I’d be lost, but I took it anyway. It sat in my room until today, when I finally picked it up and WAS BLOWN AWAY!

    What a brilliant issue. This is how every annual should be; an in continuity story that doesnt neccessarily fit in with the current arc, but is a step up in quality from the norm. This is everything I wish the Batman annual was but failed to be.

    I jumped off shortly after Pugh took over art, so it was fitting that Foreman returned on this one. I may even go back and read everything in between since this reminded me how much I like Buddy Baker. I was just sick of the Rotworld stuff, really.

    The week is almost over, but I’m changing my POTW to this. Great stuff.

  8. Outstanding.

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