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• “ROTWORLD” epilogue!

• The horrible tragedy of ROTWORLD weighs heavily on the Baker family.

• Nothing will be the same for Animal Man after this issue!

Story by Jeff Lemire
Art by Steve Pugh
Colors by Lovern Kindzierski
Letters by Jared K. Fletcher
Cover by Jae Lee & June Chung

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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Finally Animal Man gets a good cover.

  2. Ready to see what it is I just read for a year and what kind of repercussions we’re going to see.

  3. Goodbye Rotworld! Don’t let the door hit your four mutated asses on the way out!

  4. So, I ditched this story 2 or 3 issues ago – and I was thinking of jumping back on with the issue after this one – but only if Maxine still has her powers because she was my favorite part of the early part of this series. So, does she still have powers? If that’s a big spoilery plot point, don’t answer for the sake of other folks.

    • Actually, we don’t know the answer to your question yet because the story of Rotworld didn’t end during last issue’s finale! They’re still in Rotworld and Maxine is still in danger. I’m assuming that when the story ends here (if it does) we’ll learn Maxine’s fate, so stay tuned!

    • “the story of Rotworld didn’t end during last issue’s finale”

      Ha! And that’s essentially the reason I dropped it previously. Maybe if this is the true end of the story, I’ll pick it up just to see what happened.

    • Yes, she still has powers.

  5. I’ve been with this book since the start of the New 52, but last issue was, well…my last. I MAY purchase this digitally when it’s cheaper, just to wrap up the story. The truth is that Rotworld wore me out, and I never got over Travel Foreman’s departure from the book. Budgets are tight, and the end of Rotworld seemed like a good place to jump off the book. Sorry, Jeff.

  6. Rotworld was tedious as all hell, but Animal Man was the better of the two books. Add to that the gorgeous Jae Lee covers & I’ll be giving this another chance to win me over.

  7. I’m still into Animal Man, more so than Swampy right now. Since Lemire is staying on, I’ll stick around to see if we get some quailty NON EPIC! stories.

    • agreed. i love what jeff lemire has done with animal man. i think i’m the only person out of my comic reading friends that has really enjoyed this run. the only thing that’s let it down is the art has been a bit sloppy in some issues. keep the faith people.

    • For me, the first few issues were mixed, but once we got to issue five, I’ve been enjoying this series pretty consistently. Rotworld may not have been the best crossover ever, but I did not find it as awful as some have made it out to be.

  8. The first arc was gold. Too bad Rot World and DC editorial killed it.

    • Haha. I REALLY enjoyed the first arc too. Your comment could be slightly modified and added to most of the New 52 books. I’m hoping I read good things about the Baker family in the future, and can jump back in, but for now I’m on the sidelines.

  9. This didn’t have the kind of closure that Swamp Thing did, but I still enjoyed it.

  10. Those bastards! How could they do this? Twice in one weeks time?!?

  11. Good issue. It stays on my pull list. Juhl75 is right though…. harsh ending.

  12. Who were those nerds at the end?

  13. It is not a good time to be a parent in the DCU, it seems . . .

    Seriously, I was afraid that one of the Baker family would not make it out of this issue alive. Poor Cliff, at least he died a hero. I shall miss him. For me, one of the most appealing aspects of Animal Man has always been his domestic life, and thus I think that I will feel his son’s absence more than I might with a similar event in another book, Batman included — we all know that there will eventually be another Robin to fill that role in Bruce’s family, but another Cliff? Hopefully, he’s found an afterlife friendly to skateboarding and mullets . . .

    Oh and William is one creepy b*****d. And just think that for a moment, Buddy felt sorry for him? William is definitely one of the best ideas to some out of this whole Rot storyline. Plus, the cat. The cat is sticking around, right . . ?

    • I agree, Buddy feeling sorry for him made no sense. He’s real creep, a devil child. Evil personified. How can you feel sorry for that? Hitler was a kid once, too.

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