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  1. Ha. I forgot this was coming out. >.>

  2. I like the story, especially with the twist of Illyria "transformation" in the last issue but I CAN’T stand the art. I wouldn’t be as harsh, but after reading the Buffy series, there is no excuse for the art. It is still on my pull list but I just don’t love it like I should.

  3. I been sayin it for like… since March. But the dude who did the first few issues is back with this, so it’ll be better.

    That said, they NEED to kick IDW’s ass in gear. They’re better than this shit. They have Pia Guerra on a Doctor Who book.

  4. @Gunga – I agree, that’s downright wrong. She’s better than a Who book… and I’m a fan of Doctor Who!

  5. @Eyun It’s not that she’s doing a Who book. That’s her choice. But they can get someone like her. There have to be artsists who like Angel who are better than the people who have been on this book.

    That said, this issue was really, really good. After spinning wheels for the past since-issue-ten they finally went somewhere and then…. that happened…

  6. I really like how they handled Illyria with the memories and everything. very smart way to take down a god

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