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  1. I hope the art gets better on this one but I doubt it. It is so strange, the artist really has Wesley and Gunn down, the close up on Gunns face in one of the last issues was really really good. But then some pannels are just laughable terrible, like far away shots when they are riding the dragon or something. Also, he draws Fred, Connor, Cordie, and Gwen really poorly. I dunno, I just like the art in Buffy so much, it dissapoints me when the art in this is so bad sometimes.

  2. The art may be hit and miss but the covers and variants are always stellar

  3. The covers are good, but why the frak does IDW insist on putting bad artists on these books? They need to get a really good artist on it. This is their best selling book EVER. Why?

  4. Art aside, the story is nonsensical and pointless. This is gonna be my last issue, I’m giving it a final chance.

  5. Well the point is to entertain and I think the story has done that… it’s been amazing as a matter of fact (Better than the Buffy book in a lot of respects).  

  6. I dropped at issue 12 because quite literally NOTHING was happening. I’m just checking in out of curiosity to see if there’s been any progress. For the posts above it looks like I’ve saved myself $8 and a hefty pile of frustration. They made a big mistake expanding this run to 16 issues. Started off strong but then it just kinda died in the water. Suffocated  by padding.

  7. Yeah…. Not saying this is bad… But I really got confused in here and it feels like we’ve been spinning for the past several months.

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