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  1. I wanna say this is delayed, but I don’t think it is. I think we’ll also be getting a new artist soon. So that’s awesome.

    Only three more issues after this!

  2. You’ve talked me round, Gunga, the art on the last issue was awful. Still enjoying the story though.

  3. It’s a few weeks delayed.  Not too bad.  Not like BUFFY which isn’t coming out again until November.

  4. @conor Yeah, that’s weird. Does anybody know where the delay is coming from? My guess was that Jos Whedon has his hands full with Dollhouse, but that’s nothing I could verify…

    Anyway, don’t they look at the art when they put it out? Either somebody has a very bad taste or they just don’t care. Either way, it’s horrible.

  5. I heard Dollhouse might be delayed since Fox has picked up Sarah Connor Chronicles for a full second season, so it’s mid-season spot might be taken.

  6. @Eyun That’s so complicated I don’t even know *what’s* going on with it anymore.

    @cylonpete This art blows my mind. This is the top selling IDW book ever. The first artist was decent enough, but everyone after it has been so not good. Mediocre to just eugh. They need to find someone, throw money at him/her and then have them draw this because this art just won’t be good.

    The solicits say Nick Runge. Yeah. That sucks. That guy’s terrible.

  7. Correction: Did some investigative snooping on the web and it says that Mooney’s doing this issue. That’s fine by me, I guess. They just need a better penciller on this.

  8. they seem to be pretty quick in releasing these in collections/hc, so will opt out of singles.

  9. Yah but the first HC was 5 issues for 24.99 and the second one was 4 issues for 24.99. I have a hard time dropping that much money for a couple issues. I will probably buy the TPB’s when they come out earyl next year so I would rather pick them up.

    I haven’t minded the art so much that it took me out of the story but some of the like-ness just isn’t their. The Buffy comics do a much better job, the second I see a character, I know who they are.

    I can’t wait until Angel : Aftermath starts, that should be pretty sweet!

  10. The art was okay this time around, so I’m fine.

    But I guess this whole Spike thing is gonna blow up in all our faces, huh? It was just too weird…And can I say that Lynch got that character sooo nailed, that it really demands a Spike ongoing with him as the writer, after all this is over.

  11. @cylonpete More than anything, Lynch has Spike nailed. Totally. Spinning out of this series will be two more things that are canonical (I’m pretty sure). If they said Lynch would be writing the Spike one (if there is a Spike one) you can sign me up right now.

    I liked this issue. It had some great moments, but I’m not ready for the story to start moving. We’ve been locked in the same moment for the past few issues, and Lynch is no Jason Aaron.

  12. This is actually the first issue of Angel that I enjoyed in awhile, I would have dropped it few issues ago but I have seperation issues.

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