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  1. It’s already this time again? Really? Heck la!

  2. Is Gunn really an evil vampire in this?  That’s the main thing keeping most of the fans I know from reading it.

  3. @ohcaroline That was revealed in the first issue… It’s really interesting because he’s doing deplorable vampire things, but at the same time there’s tons of denial and angst with him and his human side not wanting to admit it to himself…

    But, to be fair, you have to remember that Gunn’s like Xander… Whedon and co. were always trying to figure out what to do with him… In season five he sold his soul for Fred’s, and this is like retribution…

    That’s how I think of it, anyways….

  4. Simply. Cannot. Wait. In my humble opinion, this is up there with the best books being made right now.

  5. So. F**ing. Exited. And wouldn’t it be hillarious if they just talked it all over and left for their corners of L.A.? Just a thought…

    "Hey, how’ve been?"
    "Angsty, evil Vampire. You?"
    "Well, you know. Fighting the good fight, killing things. Oh, and I started to shave…"

  6. @cylonpete – I wouldn’t be disappointed with that issue 😉

  7. It’s going to be some epic good quippage, if not… Me= majorly disappointed…

  8. Huh…so who did get to first and what happened to gwen?  I like this book but I get frustrated that I’m constantly confused and I’m never sure if I’m supposed to be or not

  9. I’m right there with ya, dude. I really enjoyed this issue, but the art really leaves something to be desired. Some of the characters are just off (Gwen and Fred looked awful) and at one point Connor’s hair was brown… And I completely missed the point of the last panel…

    I’m still loving this book, and that entire Gunn/Angel sequence was just so, so good… But I feel that we’re in a transition moment thing so the story’s not really going anywhere and it’s a lot of setup as we barrel on the trainwagon to sixteen.

  10. So I got the issue I wanted. Sort of. The writing was strong, I feel it’s getting better, especially Angel’s dialogue was spot-on. On the art side though…Well, let’s just say it’s, unfortunately, horrible…

  11. Yeah… I’ve since decided that this art is just not, not good. And a Doctor Who (no offense to Doctor Who, it’s just not selling in Angel numbers, which is the number two non-DC/Marvel book out there right now) comic gets a big name like Pia Guerra? This art was a train wreck. Good lord.

  12. Just got around to reading this. I feel the same way. I love the story but the art was so bad it was hard to look at. 

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