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  1. Is this right? Didn’t an issue come out week before last? That makes this the second time in only 10 issues this book has been ahead of it’s monthly schedule. Lynch is like a machine, and seems to have found artists that can keep up.

  2. seriously, i hope this isn’t a misprint. I dunno how this book comes out so frequently, but i’m not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.

  3. I’m guessing the First Night run gave them a chance to get ahead by bringing in guest artists, but this is Lynch’s 3rd book in 2 weeks. Colour me impressed!

  4. I say it every week so why stop now,,,, this a brilliant book. 

  5. @Hawkboy – Keep sayin’ it, dude… it’s true.

  6. I just love that this book is selling. Hopefully this one’ll be better than the last one, but heck la!

  7. This may have been the best issue of this series yet.  It really feels like the characters are talking more naturally and with more of their familiar voices from the series.  Illyria is being very well-utilized, particularly.  I thought this comic was faltering here and there for a while, but this makes it seem that it’s clicked into gear.

  8. This issue was the best one so far and that is no mean feat as I’ve liked tham all.  Whedon knows how to make comics.

  9. @Hawkboy – He really does, no denying that, but I think despite the ‘plotting’ credit the real credit should go to Lynch. Not disagreeing, bud.

  10. Well credit to both of them then!  

  11. This book kicked my ass. So much fun. Still not quite over the art, but it’s really great to see this story moving on. Not that before wasn’t good, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the last issue. This one? So much better… Every voice had voice, it went places. New status quo. Great, great book. I haven’t read Buffy yet, but this might be the come-from-behind pick of the week.

  12. Just read on Brian Lynch’s blog that this series is going to be only sixteen issues. That makes me sad.

  13. @GungaDin- Really? That sucks. Maybe it’s because he’s starting Spike: After The Fall, which should be a nice fill-in until they start a new run with this (Spike, Illyria, Conner… I’m there!).

  14. @Eyun I’m waiting for IDW to sell the Angel rights back to Dark Horse. Then Buffy Season Eight could kick more ass than before…

  15. @GungaDin- That would be amazing, it’s a shame these rights issues stop those type of cross-overs. The only drawback I can think of is if Brian Lynch is exclusive to IDW (I don’t know if he is), ’cause his writing on Angel has been superb.

  16. @Eyun I wouldn’t mind seeing him join the "Buffy" team. But you’re right. The rights issues do suck… a lot. It makes me kinda frustrated at the whole thing. I’m glad we’re getting this book though. Lynch said the next issue is his favorite so far.

  17. I would not like to see Angel just folded into a Buffy book.

  18. @Hawkboy I think if they re-folded them back into the same universe, it’d be welcome. Have Angel jump on an arc for Buffy, maybe Willow do a crossover like she did back in Angel Season Four. I’m not saying they should merge the stories, just to put the sandboxes side by side with a little Zen Garden in the middle for joyous crossover…

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