EVERYONE wants a piece of Tommy Watts – at least the part that can give them super powers. But if everyone in America is a superhero, will that be a good thing…or the worst thing that could ever happen to planet Earth?

Story By: Jonathan Ross
Art By: Bryan Hitch

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  1. At this point I’m just hoping this book finishes soon. No offense to either creator, but c’mon…

  2. Is this the last one?

  3. man….too long a wait.

  4. This is the single most disappointing series I’ve picked up since I really got on the comic book train back in ’05. I love Hitch, but… his delays are unacceptable and the series has had relatively sub-par.

    • I think Jonathan Ross also had something to do with the lateness – his book Turf was pretty late, too. I though it was pretty damn cool, and this book as well, but these huge gaps make you forget what the hell was happening.

      I think I’ve only read the first two issues of this, though, so I will probably wait for the last issue and read them all at once.

  5. Issue 1 – 4/9/12
    Issue 2 – 5/29/12
    Issue 3 – 8/13/12
    Issue 4 – 10/10/12
    Issue 5 – 2/4/13
    Issue 6 – 7/8/13
    Issue 7 – 7/13/13? I wouldn’t count on it.

    Yeah, this book’s schedule has been pretty terrible. It makes Deathmate look timely! (Anybody remember that old clunker?)

  6. Maybe in a year or so the trade will be out! lol

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