The search for the vampire cure takes Cash and Felicia to the catacombs beneath an ancient castle where they find a shocking secret!

Art and cover by SEAN MURPHY

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  1. the last page in issue #2 was so crazy! I can’t wait.

  2. Sean Murphy is amazing. Snyder is amazing. Why isn’t every person with eyes buying this book?

  3. Numbers 1 and 2 are still in my backpile, thanks for letting me know whether I should get this.

  4. SO very good.


  6. Only question now is: when’s the movie coming out?

  7. I hope there are more American Vampire miniseries coming because this book is fantastic.

  8. anything with scott snyder’s name on the cover seems to be rocking my world lately. 

  9. Great mini so far. Synder can do no wrong on America Vampire. I’d like to se some other minis come out of this.

  10. @skydog  Amen to that.  I mean, Hollywood keeps rehashing the same old movies (a remake of Footloose?  Are you kidding me?!) There are so many fresh ideas out there…but they’d rather make another Fright Night.

  11. @Firemass13.  WORD!  Moreover, I just heard they’re remaking Dirty Dancing.  Are they for real?  I know…why don’t they remake Ghost.  Or better yet, Sister Act.  Hollywood is the new Mad Magazine in as much as distributing “recycled trash” as their soup de jour.  (I would never knock MM; just using their cheeky tag line sarcastically about their own product)  We consumers need to send Hollywood a message and boycott these blatant money grabs which are bolstered by consumer’s nostalgic curiosity and gullibleness.  Holloywood is lazy and disrespectful to its own audience.  You’ve heard the saying, “Dressing up a turd?”  Well, Hollywood is into “Re-dressing the turd,” and as long as schnooks gobble it up, they’ll continue pumping chud down their throats. 

  12. I am not a vampire fan lately however; like I said before this is good!

    Just sayin’,

  13. @Fvckstick  could not agree more. maybe cos of the vampire tag. it took me a while to get on board the american vampire train. 🙂

  14. First thing that popped into my mind is; Are you supposed to know all these different variations of vampires? I’m assuming that’s where the story is going with the uber vampire reveal on the last page. If so, I’m loving it. Stellar Sean Murphy art as well!

  15. @RocketRacoon  – You won’t know most of the species. I have all the issues of American Vampire and I believe we’ve only been exposed to 5 different types of vampires so far. This is the first time I recall reading about the Uber-Vamps. I’m really excited too. I wonder if they’re bigger like the statues.

  16. @skydog  I’d take a cable series on Showtime or something. It would be easier to cover the various stories in different times and still have a linked series of episodes without missing anything. But hey, I’d take a movie too!

    • TV series would be alright, but damn would it be nice to have a really good vampire movie for once. “Interview” came close but was so slow; hard to re-watch.

  17. @AmirCat  Maybe they are the statues?

  18. The story’s been kinda sparse on plot, but I love the way Murphy’s illustrating it. Almost seems like it’s all about Cash’s bridled violence & Felicia’s bridled sexuality – just subtle/blunt enough at times… makes the whole thing really work.

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