Hot on the heels of last year’s award-winning AMERICAN VAMPIRE miniseries, SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST, we return to postwar Europe and the vampire-hunting agency known as The Vassals of the Morning Star!

Agent Felicia Book has had a dark life, filled with tragedy, but she has finally found peace, raising her adoptive son, Gus. But when the Vassals return for help tracking the most powerful vampire of all time, she soon learns nothing can prepare her for the threat inside The Coffin…

A great companion to the ongoing series and a perfect jumping-on point, LORD OF NIGHTMARES features amazing art by Dustin Nguyen!

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Dustin Nguyen
Cover by Dustin Nguyen

Price: $2.99
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  1. I got the last mini series because I didn’t think it would be in the regular trade and would be in it’s own. I didn’t really care if it ended up in the regular trade but if it was in it’s own I was just going to get the issues.

    If this is the same, and ends up being in the regular book, I’ll trade wait this.

  2. Avatar photo JCB (@jcbhatestweeter) says:

    As good as Scott is on EVERYTHING ELSE, this is probably the most excited I’ve been for a book in ages. Duss is one of my favorites (if not all time fave), and I’m hoping this is as awesome as Survival of the Fittest was.

    I’m done swooning now.

  3. NGUYEN!

  4. this going to be awesome

  5. I shall double dip with pride

  6. AV is on my pull list, so i bet i’ll have one of these bad boyz waiting on me in my box. so, what the hell? i’ll give it a shot. i mean, snyder IS at the pen.
    besides, my wife loves these vampire books and anything to progress the seduction. fellas, you can turn your girl into a comic fan. you just have to choose the right books and here’s a hint: superhero books are a bad place to start. so, unless you hit the jackpot, tiger, spider-man ain’t gonna get it done. i started with AV, then Saga, then Wonder Woman(works well for all the mythology). i might be able to slip batman in there. she already likes snyder, but i’m not going to push it just yet.

    initially, i wanted to say i didn’t understand why there was a mini that could just as easily be told in the regular on-going, given that theres such a broad timeline. but, i think i understand just fine. that’s ok. way i see it, i kinda owe snyder all my support for writing the first comic series that my wife loves and has continuously asked for. if it’s one thing this business needs, it’s more girls. tired of the sausage festivals. lol

    • How funny, these are the exact books that my girlfriend asks for. Her typical Wednesday question: “Are any of the ones I like in that paper bag?” Also, Locke & Key is a big hit.

      As for this issue of AV, it was really incredible. Best issue of the series in a long while, IMO.

    • Think what you will of the Silk Spectre mini, I bet most any woman would dig it.

    • we need more people like sitara119 and Jvanvic who support women who are into comics! As a woman who goes to comic shops, I am sick of the overall snarky vibe I get. I happen to love American Vampire comics. I am also into The Dark Tower Series and The Stand Series. I also read Road Rage. (Of course I am a huge Stephen King fan.)

  7. No brainer for me, 90% of AV has been amazing [Beast in the Cave was the 5%] so I’m sure this’ll be a great read.

  8. Funny story. Getting married this Sunday and the inlaw family asked why I have a comicbook (AV #1, that I all but attacked Snyder and Raphael at the Vertigo panel at NYCC two years ago to get signed) next to a beautiful painting (signed Leroy Neiman limited litho I picked up at Pegasus in Vegas with an unbelievable Dali original of Mock Turtle from Alice In Wonderland). I said that to me they are of equal value and of equal talent, but the comic had personal meaning with my getting it signed. My fiancé then said..sitting down here…’that comic will one day, without doubt, be worth more than the lithograph’… I had never known ‘someone’ was reading AV and Saucer Country weekly from my stack on the coffee table. I think I picked a winner!

  9. Do I need to know the rest of the story to read this mini series?

  10. ya know, i’m just happy to have a vampire book(along with Baltimore) that doesn’t look like a romance novel cover where everyone is sooooo ridiculously pretty, overly effeminate and where orgasmic death scenes read like softcore porn. sure, i love anne rice’s vampire stories, but creators have been ripping them off for years. especially what with these silly vampire tv shows that are so popular among the teeny boppers. it’s just overkill.
    snyder and mignola realize that vampires should be, above all else, SCARY.
    i’m not scared of overly sensual supermodels hissing like pussycats. i want to kiss them, not run for my life in terror. lol

  11. This was a great start. Looking forward to Snyder (and Hobbes) tackling Dracula.

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