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“At a time when vampire stories engulf pop culture, this one’s actually fresh and original.” – ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

It’s Las Vegas circa 1935, and Skinner Sweet and our gal Pearl are about to learn the hard way that the bloodsuckers in Hollywood were nothing compared to what awaits them in Sin City.

In just a few short years, young police Chief Cash McCogan has watched his native city of Las Vegas go from cow-town to wild, glittering boom-town. And when the bodies of prominent businessmen start showing up drained of blood, Chief McCogan finds himself facing a threat much darker and deadlier than anything he could have imagined…and the only sure bet in town is that Skinner and Pearl are right in the thick of it!

So belly up to the bar and lay your chips on the table, because “Devil in the Sand,” the next cycle of AMERICAN VAMPIRE, begins now!

Variant cover by RAPHAEL GRAMPA

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 9.6%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Snyder and Albuquerque are killing in this book. Let’s see is they can keep it up!

  2. Yep. all the nearwomen out there are dropping this book since SK is no longer involved.  I think it’ll be even better w/o him. 

  3. This book kick’s Chuck Norris’ Ass!!!!!!!

  4. Yeah, Snyder is a man’s man. Buy this book and be masculine. Forget that one of the most successful authors of our time stepped out and was writing a cool cofeature that filled in the history of one of the more mysterious characters in the series.

    Yeah! This is a manly book now!


  5. @ScorpionMasada:  hahahaha, awesome.

  6. I’m getting the back issues and picking this up. Will I enjoy?

  7. Couldn’t tell you.  I’ve enjoyed the shit out of it though.

  8. The Stephen King back-up is dropped & we get less pages now … but the price stays the same? Huh?

    I really like this series a lot, but think I’ll switch to trades.

  9. Scor-Peon, perhaps you’ve left your butt plug in too long and you’re feeling irascible.  I should have kept in mind that girls read comic books too.  Sorry to have offended you. 

  10. You can’t offend me, son.

    Eventually, if this goes too much longer, Conor or Josh is going to come in here and start deleting my posts because they are going to feel bad for you.

    So how about we end it here and I don’t have to have any of my posts deleted?

  11. This is an amazing book, with or without King. It’s ok that we only get 32 pages here because the past five books, we’ve been getting more bang for out buck.

    This is a book that both ladies and gentleman should read.

  12. Anyone know what the RAPHAEL GRAMPA variant looks like,,,I

  13. @ScorpionMasada, no problemo.  all in good fun. 

  14. Wow, conflict resolution really works.

  15. Hey guys – just want to say thanks all around for the kind words about American Vampire. iFanboy actually gave me my very first review ever (for a Human Torch One-Shot a while back) and so hearing you’re enjoying AV means a lot. Much appreciated. And this is the Grampa variant:

  16. whoa, amazing Grampa variant, that is SICK.  Great read this week, the first issue of the new Vegas arc was a great introduction.

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