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  1. Last issue for a whole year. Brutal. I’m sure it’s gonna be great, just hope it isn’t a super cliff hanger.

  2. I’ve been bagging on AV for the last few months, but this issue came through! American Vampire really can’t return fast enough. The splash page was awesome. Story looks good moving forward. Great job!

  3. That was a nice way to go on hiatus. In about a month or two I’m really gonna start missing this book. I’ll be looking forward to its return.

  4. Man I’m gonna miss this book. Great job Scott, Rafa and Co. The gray trader was creepy and intriguing, I can’t wait to find out more about him. The sort-of reveal at the end was a great way to leave us all wanting more, and if there’s a book I have no problem re-reading till it comes back, it’s American Vampire.

  5. Were we supposed to recognize who the chained vampire at the very end was?

    Was that Perl? I honestly couldn’t tell. Maybe I’m just dense. Definitely an American Vampire, judging by the claws, right?

    • Why not Skinner? She could have found him and chained him up. Bring the book back to its old West roots…Some new American Vampire? Definitely American by the claws. Be nice if comics made noises then we’d at least know the sex. It’s gotta be someone VMS related though because they seem to be in the know on this new Grey Trader. Gene was the curious one so maybe his uncle heard about him back in the day, Abi knew he was coming, and trapped Sweet for the big event to protect her or something.. Maybe the splash page helps? Thanks for getting my brain running before bed…

    • Maybe Sweet. I dunno. I just wasn’t sure if it was meant to be ambiguous or if I was forgetting something/someone. Good to know it wasn’t just me. Until the future then…

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