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Get ready – it’s hot rods, poodle skirts and rock ‘n’ roll as AMERICAN VAMPIRE goes screaming into the 1950s!

Who is Travis Kidd? What do the mysterious Vassals want with him? And what does it all have to do with Skinner Sweet?

Find out in “Death Race” part 1!


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  1. Didn’t think much of the last arc but 21 issues in, that’s a first which isn’t too shabby! I’m totally confident this’ll be a return to form though.

    Great cover too.

  2. Man I can’t wait for this. Raf is back, and drawing greaser vampire hunters! This is going to be fun. I felt like the last arc showed just how well thought out, and vast, Snyder and Albuquerque’s story really is. I can just picture Scott in a room like on “The Wire” with character’s pictures on timelines connected with different color strings to show their interactions over the decades, maybe that’s a bit over the top. Either way, this book rules!

  3. I was thinking of jumping on with trades with maybe a bit of christmas money this year. This cover seals that deal!

  4. This was great!

  5. Loved it. “I like to bite them back.” Snyder continues to be amazing.

  6. beautiful cover

  7. Been on board for the ride from the start. Snyder is the King and Barker of comics for the future! Rafael is amazing…need to get this cover signed framed and mounted! The story arcs keep getting stronger and the characters much better defined…here’s to the next 22!

  8. I still enjoyed but was slightly disappointed in the last arc, but this issue was fantastic. I usually try and avoid giving my pick of the week to the book that has such a strong majority vote since I want a lot of the smaller known titles to get noticed but this issue was just too good to overlook my vote. POTW!

  9. Snyder is the best thing DC has a hold of right now. This issue was incredibly written and the artwork is finally back to the excellence I’ve been missing for the last few months.
    I love this new hunter and his twisted way of killing vamps. When it comes to writing horror comics today, all eyes should fall on Scott Snyder.

  10. This issue should count as a late entry into the ‘Best of 2011’. As a new reader of American Vampire I was blown away how tight and well orchestrated this issue was.

    I’ve been bitten by American Vampire and my ‘pull list’ will never be the same.

  11. Probably the best issue of the series so far. I’ve been waning on this series since the middle of the World War 2 arc, but now I’m fully on board again. More comics need greaser vampire hunters.

  12. I wonder if Travis Kidd is connected to the character “The Kidd” from Stephen King’s “The Stand” (“The Kidd” was a bad guy character who loved to race cars and loved his car in The Stand book and comics)

  13. rafael is back!

  14. this was AWESOME!! I can’t wait until the next comic edition! Can’t wait to hear more about The Kidd!

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