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It’s been nearly 20 years since notorious outlaw Skinner Sweet was buried on boot hill. But when a group of grave-robbing collectors of Western memorabilia uncover his final resting place, they find much, much more than they bargained for. And: Pearl Jones was attacked and left for dead by a cabal of powerful Hollywood vampires. Now, a mysterious stranger comes calling and Pearl gets a second chance at life – and at revenge.

Variant cover by BERNIE WRIGHTSON

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  1. The last issue was quite a bit of fun. Hopefully this continues the trend. Also, purdy artwork.

  2. Issue #1 was bleh for me.  It’s no Twilight, that’s for sure.

  3. I taught the first issue was really good….@kickass you say it not like twilight,,,thank god

  4. I really liked Snyder’s story, but King’s fell flat. Even the art, seemingly coloured differently, didn’t work as well.

  5. @kickass No sarcasm with this question.  Are you being serious?

  6. Won #1 from Vertigo on Twitter.  I’ll have to read it so I can decide if I want this.

  7. Loved the first issue

  8. @vadamowens I’ve reached the conclusion that KickAss is either a 9-year old boy with the word marvel written in magic marker on his forehead, a 14 year old girl that likes to piss off DC fans while reading Twilight or he might be a comedic genius the likes of which the world hasn’t seen since Andy Kaufman.

  9. @RoiVampire-Can’t Kick-Ass be all of those things? That would explain a lot about him/her/it.

  10. I’ve surmised much of your theory already.  I just wanted to know if he truly enjoyed Twilight.  The possibility that he does concerns me greatly.

  11. Sooooo, pretty good second issue.

  12. I really liked this, more so than the first issue. I like the pacing and the differences between the vampires. That could play out quite nicely.

    Still, the Steven King section is barely holding my attention at this point. It’s not bad, per say. Just…mediocre. 

  13. I prefer Snyder’s arc over King’s arc. I did like King’s story in the first issue, but I found myself disinterested in the second issue. I kind of like how it’s a split book, but I’d rather they did 4-6 issues to tell Pearl’s story and then 4-6 issues to tell the origin of Skinner Sweet. In this second issue, it felt like they had to cut some parts of Pearl’s story out, especially the part where she wakes up in the morgue. 

  14. This was great.  I agree that Snyder’s story is better than King’s–I had some trouble figuring out who was who in King’s story, I couldn’t recall what exactly had happened in the first issue.  But I’m really interested to learn how Snyder’s vampire girl is different from the rest of the vampires.

  15. I’m really loving this new book.  Picked it up on a lark and it’s really paying off.  Great story & art.

  16. @zattaric: Same here and it was my POTW.

  17. Huh.  Dropped this after reading it.  Guess I just don’t like vampires.

  18. Thanks for the kind words guys – greatly appreciated!

  19. Liked this issue a lot but I agree – I want more of Snyder’s story and less of King’s. Both are enjoyable but I prefer Snyder’s.

  20. I enjoyed them both.

  21. Really enjoyed this issue a lot. I agree the Snyder story is the better of the two, but I think as the 2nd moves past this first part, it will get very interesting.  I’m all in for the series.

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