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Things go from bad to worse for Henry and his unit when they discover the terrible secrets inside the mysterious facility known only as “Unit 732.” Will Pearl get there in time for a daring rescue?


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  1. It think this will be a bloody fantastic new issue. Curious to see how/if/who will escape the prison they were kept in last issue.

  2. America seems like the only one not using vampires for the war effort. Come on allies, get your shit together.

  3. This has been my least favorite story arc so far but last issue was awesome!

  4. I love the constant threat of Skinner lingering over the readers head. You know he’ll turn up in each story, but what will he do. To what lengths will he go? There hasn’t been a writer since Garth Ennis that I’ve told myself I will buy everything the person produces, until Snyder. He can do no wrong.

  5. Man, I finally got caught up! Read this arc to date a few nights ago –cannot wait for more! Since about issue #8, this series has just gotten better & better. Top of my list.

  6. I am so thrilled that Scott Snyder (and Rafael also) have brought Vampire stories back to being SCARY.  I wonder if the new DC title I, Vampire will be this cool…or if it will be more teenage “sparkly” vampire garbage…???

  7. @firemass – the art for I, vampire looks awesome.

  8. One of the best books on the market right now. Consistently excellent writing and art, and I can’t wait to see how this arc and Survival of the Fittest pan out. 

    Do Vertigo do absolute editions, because it really does deserve that treatment. 

  9. Any writers and artists who read this and don’t choose to step up their games or retire are ridiculous. It gets no better. 

  10. There isn’t much more to say about this book, that hasn’t been said a million times. The only complaint I have is, that I wish each issue was 60 pages or something, so I could spend more time reading it. @henryi2112 Absolute Eds would be awesome! I wonder if they will release the complete covers-panorama in poster form, that would be so rad.

  11. I love this series. But I wish there would’ve been a little more plot in this issue. The past 5 or more issues have felt really robust. This one seemed to go by a little too fast.

  12. I feel like there was a mix-up on storytelling or something. When Vicar holds up his arm to reveal the bite he holds up his right arm, then goes on to say he cut his right arm off as a result of a past vampire bite then reaches into his fake left arm? Minor issue though.

  13. @OnASunday  I noticed that too with the arm situation…wonder if Snyder slapped Albuquerque on that one?

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