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The “Ghost War” rages on in the Pacific, and things don’t look good for our heroes when something terrible crawls out of the caves of Taipan. Meanwhile, the U.S. Marines strike, and Henry’s unit is caught in the middle. Plus: the truth about Skinner’s plan is revealed!

Written by SCOTT SNYDER; Art and cover by RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE

Price: $2.99
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  1. It’s top of my stack each and every issue. Scott Snyder is my guy.

  2. @Templar17  My guy too. He’s brilliant. Though Tec will be on top of the pile for me.

  3. @martinNL  @Templar17  – He’s aight … haha just kidding, I swoon over his writing like you guys.

    I wonder if Sweets is gonna get his comeuppance in this issue. I have to back and look, but I could have sworn the first issue said that Sweets was dead.

  4. @AmirCat; You are right sir, Henry wrote in his journal/letter that Sweet is dead. Now whether that is true or not, we shall see.

  5. I dig Snyder a lot too… I’m reading everything.

  6. Ok so now I have to go back and check the Sweet is dead thing.

  7. Wasn’t the letter written after this?

  8. The letter was written from Henry’s perspective so maybe he *thought* Skinner was dead but was mistaken.

  9. @MegaPhilip  @Avistann  – Honestly I want Skinner Sweets dead. He is a cool anti-hero, but I am tired of seeing his ass roaming around and making trouble.

  10. @AmirCat  I hear ya, but I want to see what Skinner has planned (if anything). He’s absolutely wicked but I like it when a creator makes a character like that and then turns him into someone we end up rooting for. Plus, for whatever reason he seems to care about Pearl. 

  11. @MegaPhilip  His relationship with PEarl is one of the things that interests me most in the series – I tried to hint at it a bit in issue 12, but it’ll come front and center in the 50’s cycle (starting with issue 21). And yes, Henry did say he was dead. And that will be addressed very soon in a real way 🙂 

  12. @ssnyder1835  “50’s cycle” Oh that just sounds splendid. Hope this runs to 50, at least. Looking forward to Batman and Swamp Thing.

  13. Issue was fantastic! POTW for me. The last panel on the third to last page with Skinner removing his blood-covered lips from Henry’s arm was the most visually arresting image in comics this week by far.

  14. Usually for me to choose the potw is easy, but this week there were too many good books. However I went with AV. What a page turner!! A long wait now till next month.

  15. @martinNL  I loved the last page where Skinner is about to open up a can of woop-ass!

  16. 5/5 for me…wish I could give it a sixth star! 

  17. Rafael Albuquerque and Scott Snyder are amazing.  A book mostly set in prison cells that’s visually arresting, with tons of dread and tension, damn this issue is something special. This is my favorite arc so far, and that’s saying something considering how awesome the first five issues are.

  18. @ssnyder1835

    This book is so good I find myself in a dilemma.

    -I’m totally loving what you and the rest of the creative team are doing here. I’m on board.
    -The first two hardcovers are exactly the kind of thing I want to have on a bookshelf.
    -I’m not a double dipper.

    So it’s like this: I want to stop buying AV in monthly issues and get the hardcovers instead, but I’m concerned that trade-waiting can have a negative impact on the long term health of the series. I’m sure it’s different for every title, but for AV in which format does a reader’s money help the most?

    Thanks for the awesome stories!

  19. @AmirCat  Let’s just hope we get to see the actual whoop-assing and it won’t be left to our imagination 🙂 Although anything can happen really. Henry didn’t write to Pearl Sweet was dead in issue 13 for nothing…

  20. I always save this book to read last. I want 2 make sure that it has my undivided attention.

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