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Part 1 of the AMERICAN VAMPIRE World War II Epic begins here with a tale of heroism – and horror!

Hawaii, 1944. For nearly two decades, Henry Preston and his wife, American Vampire Pearl Jones, have tried to live a quiet life. But with war raging overseas, Henry feels he can no longer live in the shadows, and makes a deal to join a covert mission to a remote Japanese island – an island inhabited by an enemy far more dangerous than any Axis powers. It’s the war in the Pacific like you’ve never seen it before with Pearl, Henry and Skinner Sweet at the heart of it all and more fangs and blood than ever before.

Variant cover by SEAN MUPRHY

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  1. Been looking forward to this one for a while now. So stoked.

  2. As am I! WWII with Snyder’s American vampires should be a bloody good time. 

  3. did anyone else think this series would be more like northlanders with a rotating cast of vampires?  I am kind of bored with Skinner and crew, I want them to explore more parts of America and different vampires.

  4. So excited for this arc!

  5. I am reading Snyder’s Voodoo Hearts right now (book of short stories). Incredible. Get it.

  6. @JackAcid  Everything should be as good as Northlanders.

  7. @hailscott, this Voodoo Hearts looks like a real book with no illustrations! What’re you doing to me man?   Maybe it’ll be adapted like Parker.

  8. @jackacid  Nah, I’m good with this. 

  9. Scott Snyder is tearing it up right now, it’s almost a shame that AV and Detective come out the same week but after reading those two, I could almost be satisfied until next month’s issues. Super solid issue and I didn’t even notice the shorter page count (I didn’t count but I believe AV is one of the books that lost 2 pages).

  10. This series gets even better! The story intriguing and the art was drop dead gorgeous.

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