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1936 – American Vampire Pearl Jones and her husband Henry Preston have tried to live a quiet life ever since their showdown with a coven of vicious Hollywood vampires. But when a chance encounter brings them face-to-face with old enemies, they’ll learn the hard way that sometimes, the fight comes to you… with a vengeance. Catch up with your favorite vampire-killing husband-and-wife team in this 2-part tale of booze, bullets and bloodlines.


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  1. Yay more Pearl! I love how she developed from a nice young lady to this darker, more distant woman.

  2. Gotta admit, I’m kinda nervous about the art change on the next two issues. Santolouco’s 2 or 3 pages in #9 lacked Albuquerque’s elegant grit.

  3. Can I just jump in or is it worth starting from the beginning?  I missed the boat on this one

  4. Wah?  Is this artist a fill-in? Please tell me Albuquerque isn’t off this book!

  5. @zattaric  He’s not, this artist is a fill-in. @cutty  This is a fine jumping on point but I would definitely suggest getting the first hardcover.

  6. Hey guys! It’s Scott Snyder – I write AV. I try to avoid posting, but I just wanted to make this clear: Rafa is NOT off the book at all! He’s my co-creator. He’s just taking a voluntary and well-deserved couple issues off for some r and r, but he’ll be back for issue 13 – the start of a big, wwii cycle (here are the covers for that issue – one by Rafa, and a variant by Sean Murphy)

    The artist on 10 and 11 is teh great Mateus Santolouco – he’s awesome – really excited by what he did here. And, he’s Rafa’s studio-mate. So if you miss Rafa, know that he’s always close by, literally and figuratively 🙂 And thakns so much for picking us up. Really appreciate it. 

  7. Santolouco’s art was really close to Albuquerque’s. I really enjoyed reading this issue and it’s good to see Hattie is still around. 🙂

    In the scene where Pearl and Henry are making love, was that a “dream” sequence, or does Pearl actually bite Henry once in a while. I assumed it was a hypothetical situation cause Henry’s neck didn’t have any marks on it.

  8. What are those crazy vampires doing in that back-room? Is that machine some kind of de-coagulator? They should prioritize and figure out easier ways to get mmffnn drunk. Pick of the mmffnn week! 

  9. Great as always, buggin over the lack of Rafa…lovin’ me some of Pearl’s man!

  10. I really enjoyed this issue a lot.  The fill-in artist worked. 

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