In a perfect world, what could possibly go wrong?

An exciting new story by Eisner Award Winning writers JOHN LAYMAN (Chew) and LEE GARBETT (Batgirl).

Peter Parker thinks life couldn’t get any better – until an explosion at Horizon Labs plummets him (along with Deadpool and Hulk) into another dimension where The Amazing-Spider is the world’s most powerful and beloved hero and Peter Parker is a billionaire mogul playboy (with surprises in his supporting cast).

Will Peter discover the price for perfection? And what dreams come true does this dimension hold for Deadpool and Hulk?

Find out as the story continues in their respective Annuals in May and June.

Story by John Layman
Art by Lee Garbett & Mark Pennington
Colors by Fabio D'Auria
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Steve McNiven, Mark Morales & Marte Gracia

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. On the fence about this book.  Anyone care to tell me why I should buy it?

  2. I’m checking this out since I’m a Spidey fan plus it’s written by John Layman (Chew) so it definitely has potential.

  3. So do Marvel Annuals always cross over between 3 different titles? Just curious. I’m thinking back to any DC annuals I bought in the last year, and I’m pretty sure they all read as one-shots. This is the 2nd Marvel Annual though that I recall crossing titles for a 3 part story (last month’s Uncanny X-Men does to?) Anyway I just find it interesting because if a title is on my pull list at my LCS, then I get the annual too (naturally). Such is the case with ASM. However, now if I want the full story, I have to buy a Deadpool Annual, a title I don’t read. Granted, if the story is good, I really won’t mind, outside of a few random issues that won’t really have a distinct home in my longboxes.

  4. @TexasZombie99  stole my avatar!

  5. @Franktiger  haha had this for a LONG time, but it’s cool that you love that image too.

  6. wait… John Layman is writing some crazy one and done annuals? So… this is awesome. And I didn’t know about this until just now…how?

  7. Is anyone else buying this just for Layman? I know I am.

  8. @debaser17  There is a long and grand tradition of stories running through multiple annuals. Used to be where the summertime events happened. (Now they happen in the regular books.) It’s not as prevalent now, but it’s nothing new.

  9. I would be all over this if it was a one-shot Spider-man story by John Layman, as it is I have no interest in buying Deadpool or Hulk annuals (probably all 3.99), so it’s a pass from me.

  10. …and after reading this I am not inspired to continue the trilogy of annuals.  This was pretty weak.

  11. @texaszombie99 agreed. was worth the shot. the shot was weak.

  12. This annual would have made a better .1 issue, because it at least summarizes what’s going on in Peter Parker’s life right now, and it also serves up a remixed alternate reality version of his origin, which everyone and their dog should already know. It could also have made a good back-up story for a more ambitious annual, because while I did have a little bit of fun with an alternate version of Spidey mashed up into an alternate reality Bruce Wayne, it ultimately felt like an insubstantial read. Speaking of which, since when do annuals have the same page count and cost as a regular issue? As failures go, at least this one has a couple of drops of entertainment value, I guess.

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